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Days 2 & 3 - Miriam gets lost

SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 19 August 2009 | Views [890] | Comments [2]

Don't worry!  I wasn'nt lost for 2 whole days, just managed to get lost twice in 2 days... well, what else do you expect from me!  :-)

Since i last wrote, i've been a very busy bee and still have sore feet, but luckily my fingers have regained feeling!  Happy girl, i was starting to worry a tad.

On Monday evening I went to the 'Night Safari' which was about a 30 min bus trip outside of the city.  It was absolutely amazing, i would definately give it 10 out of 10!  Unfortunately you couldn't take photo's as the flash would scare the animals.. so i bought some postcards from the shop! 

To begin with there were some fire throwing / breathing dancing men wering next to nothing which was highly entertaining and then it was time for the tram ride to see all the animals.  The animals were so much more active at night than in the day and they were so close you could practically touch them - obvioulsy we didn't get too close to the lions or hyaenas though!

After the Night Safari we headed into town; It was about 11:30pm and we were starving so stopped and had some really nice food (spicy pork & rice for me!) and some nibbly bits too.  After a long tea and natter we decided to say goodnight and my adventure began!  I decided to get the MRT (metro) but had missed the last one so decided to walk... and walk...and walk!  I wasn't too sure i was going in the right direction and I didn't recognise anywhere either.  My little legs were so tired i decided to get the bus (i'm very public transport savvy!).  I got on my bus and the driver ushered me on when i got my purse out... i then tried to pay when i was getting off the bus and caused a huge confusion!  The drived was asking how i had paid and i kept saying "I've not paid, i need to give you some money...".  Needless to say, he just ushered me off and i got a free ride home!  Result!!

After just a few hours sleep I got up and hoped on the bus to the zoo (i love anything animal related!).  I spent a few hours there an saw White Tigers, Polar bears, these big cats that were ultra cute, Leopards and lots more.  The zoo was incredible, so well done and it felt & looked really natural.  The best bit was that the monkeys were allowed to just hang out in the trees and weren't enclosed at all - they were literally just a feet or two away from you in the trees.

Today (day 3) I went to Sentosa wich is a little island just next to Singapore and is owned by Singapore. After a busy couple of days i just wanted to chil on the beach... needless to say i fell asleep and now i'm rather red!  Fingers crossed it will go brown by tomorrow!

This has turned into a really long piece, so i'll leave it here.  I leave for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow evening and am meeting a girl called Han who i'll be spending a few days with.

Hope all is well back home,

M xxx        

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Hi Love
Well just as i said you could write your whole journal based on the Miriam gets lost in...Singapore;...Kuala Lumpar;...Penang etc...!!It all stems fron all that practice i gave you in the Lake District.
Dont forget to go to the caves on the outskirts of KL..well worth it

  Dad Aug 20, 2009 5:09 AM


Don't worry, the Batu caves are on the list! I will have Skype at my next place so will have to arrange to chat :-)
M xxx
ps - got lost trying to find the train ststion yesterday - never did find it - but got home ok!

  Miriam Howarth Aug 20, 2009 10:36 AM

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