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Rockin the ski bum lifestyle in Fernie (First month riding)

CANADA | Monday, 10 January 2011 | Views [1167]

Fernie town from up the hill

Fernie town from up the hill

Well well what can I say, I have had the best fun this last month, it's been nothing short of awesome, wicked, taotally amazing fun!

The first week or two from opening day was wicked, we had so much snow we were having pow days every other day almost. There was no one else on the hill except the locals and you could find some powder in the afternoon even, awesome! We went riding a few times with Pete and he took us on some hikes and tree runs which I'm now real used too. Was a bit freaked out about hitting the trees but all sweet now haha, only in well spaced ones though. 

Pretty much just trying to get used to my board and trying to get comfortable with doing jumps.  I also started learning how to 50/50 boxes in the rail park which is super scary cos it hurts heaps when you bail. I was getting pretty sweet a doing a couple of easy ones until I went in the park on a real icey day. I went down the box backwards and then landed on my back edge, landed on my ass and then wacked my head real hard on the ice. I just lay there for a bit cos it freakin hurt. Got up and i was sweet but the shock of it made me cry so that was the end of that day. Got down the bottom and my eye felt funny but Marsh said there was nothing there, went to the bathroom to check it out and I had a small black eye ha, first one ever. My goggles must of come off my face and then wacked back on haha. I've only been back in the park once, just to make sure I could still 50/50 that box hahaha, and I could so that's sweet!

I started to learn front and backside 180s and can now do both. I'm still riding switch a bit and can now do black runs and land 180s, which is awesome. I can also do these 270 things that Marsh taught me. Learning and trying new things which is super fun!

Went to work a week after Marsh got the flat tire and went to leave after we finished and the same tire was flat GRRRRRRRR super pissed off! Called roadside assistance once again and they sorted after a while. It was this real young guy and I don't reckon he knew what the hell he was doing aye. He kept jacking Blue up in all these different places and I told him where the other guy did it but he didn't want to know. He did it in the end with this dodgy as piece of wood.

RCR (Resorts of the Canadian Rockies) had a xmas party for all the staff on the 14th Dec and I was rostered on the work which was shit. Our boss Tom was awesome though, we did our usual stuff until we want dinner, then we VIPEd the massive dinner line and Tom  let us drink at dinner and then all we had to do was put the tables back, wipe them down and mop the bar - we were out of there and down at the pub 5mins after Marsh etc got there haha and I got paid for it. Went to the Pub and Bulldogs for the rest of the night, got home at like 2.30am and cooked pizza. We were trying so hard to be quiet but we still woke Laura up. Fun as night though.

We finally got paid from RCR for the work we did at the start of Nov. We got over paid by about $200 each haha, awesome! We think Tom lost our hours so he just put in whatever he thought was close or a bit more cos it had been so long since we did the work, so stoked. Every pay since then we have been over paid too. Hahaha we have been signing into work early and then have lunch and I think they've been paying us for that too, saweeeeeeet!

So the silly season was ridiculously busy up the hill, so many big family groups on the hill and making a massive mess for us to clean at night, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

On Christmas we went riding and then Marsh worked while I went around the the Aussie Camp peeps place for dinner and drinks, was very mello though. On Boxing day we all went around the Dan and Sara's for turkey and drinks. Marsh came after work which was neat. The hosts fell asleep on the sofa so we cruised at about 1 or 2am I think.

Then Fraser arrived on the 27th for 10 days. We took him skiing almost every day, showed him the whole mountain. He got about 4 days with new snow which is super lucky cos he hadn't had any new snow for around 2 weeks before he got here. Marsh took him to a hockey game one night.

For new years eve day Marsh and I skiied haha and Fraser got back on a board. Was so so funny! We went up the Mighty Moose and tried to learn how to turn and we got it pretty quick so after 2 turns we went up the Deer Chair and conquered that run without falling by the end YAY! We had fireball in our coffees at lunch which probably didn't help that much hahaha.

We to apres ski drinks in the Griz Bar up the hill and then caught a random free bus back down the hill to Rip and Richards Eatery for dinner. Was surprisingly good, such good food and yummy wine too. Thanks Fraser for dinner, was tasty on the lips!

Went to Dale's for a jibbing session (they have built a rail park in their backyard) but by the time we got there it was over cos Pete had broke a ski hahaha. Took the hobo wine I made for drinks before we headed to the Central where we saw the new year in. Met up with some Aussie girls from the hill a guy we work with. Hahaha they had these giant ballons bouncing around to get people on the dance floor and one hit me in the face when I was drinking from my wine glass, hahaha I had a lump on the top of my nose (between the eyes) and a small cut on my lip. They went to the Royal and home around 3ish I think.

Stayed in bed most of the day on new years day then I went to work which was fine. Some people didnt go to sleep and went straight to work at 730 that morning, stoked that wasn't me.

Fraser left on the 6th Jan and me and Marsh slept for the next two days cos we were so sick. I just felt shit and had a cough but Marsh had a fever and flu. We are feeling better but we missed 37cm of freshies yesterday cos of it, GUTTED! We got up for first chair this morning bt we only had 9cm overnight and it wasn't enough for cover yesterdays tracks. They have kept Currie, Cedar and Lizzard bowls closed with having so much snow so there's over 80cm of fresh snow in there which will be opening up tomorrow! So stoked cos tomorrow is Monday and that means all the weekend tourists are leaving today YUS!!

The head walls that are above the ski field hold so much snow that there's huge risk of people triggering avalanches so they always close currie and high Cedar but when there's heaps of snow they close Lizzard too. Anyways tomorrow is going to be a crazy epic powder day! Will be the most pow I've ever been so super excited!!!

I forgot to say that Blue had an oil leak and was in at Canadain Tire for the last 3 weeks or so. They couldn't get the oil filler part that they needed for ages cos they don't make it anymore cos Blue is so old but then I called one day and they were looking at it again and then a few days later it was done. It only cost $65 all up and so Blue is back in action, stoked!!

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