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Finally Fernie

CANADA | Thursday, 28 October 2010 | Views [553]

First snow of the season, the day after we got here but now it's almost all rained away

First snow of the season, the day after we got here but now it's almost all rained away

So we finally finished up at our jobs in Calgary and moved to Fernie. The packing and moving went real well, fitted everything into Blue real well. Marsh cut 5 inches off the side of the mattress so it now fits in Blue perfectly!

Had last drinks with the boys next door on the Thursday night. Was so fun to meet them. They will probably come over and stay and come skiing which will be neat.

Packed the rest of our stuff, stopped at Walmart and got the hell out of Calgary! Such a good feeling to drive out of there and know we are going to have so much more fun now we will be living in a place that we actually like.

Arrived in Fernie and went into the supermartket to chat to the manager but he wasn't there. Found our place and unpacked. Met our flat mates boyfriend Michael who is a back country ski teacher. He has a snowmobile so cross fingers, might get to have a whirl. Just chilled out at home and got settled. Slept in our $2000 bed which is AMAZING! Although there is a train that goes through town like 5 times a night honking its horn.

Saturday went to a few places with resumes and sussed out the hitching spot for heading up the hill. Had our interviews with the mountain. My second went shit but we had our first one together for janitorial. The guy put two and two together with our address and phone being the same. He wants us to be the night supervisors. Marsh would do four on then I would do the next four that he's off. Shifts are 4pm- about 11pm but if you get it done earlier you can finish early. So he offered this to us and was going to send a confirmation email but it's now Wednesday and haven't heard anything. The lady from my second interview may have told him about our visas ending in Feb so might not hear back but still we are hoping cos that would be perfect! We could actually get up the hill every day!

Saturday also bought the first snow on the hill. We have a wicked view from our place of the whole ski field which is awesome. Went into the supermarket to see the manager again and we sorted out a interview at 8am on Monday.

Sunday just chilled out, watched entourage, went for a walk in the rain and got ice cream mmmmmmm!

Went in for the interview at Extra Foods and got the job as a Courtesy Clerk, which means I pretty much pack peoples bags and offer to take them to their car, check the floor is cleam every hour, empty the rubbish and take the baskets back to the front of the store, super easy job! Only $8.50 an hour hahahaha and it's 11am-4pm so I'm still looking for something at night for when the mountain opens. Marsh got a job there too stocking the shevles and he works at night, like 4-8pm or 6-10pm which is awesome for him. Had a couple of shifts already which means we won't even have one week without being paid, stoked! We only had 4 days off before we started the new job.

Monday arvo went into Crankbrook, the closest city from here, to get Marsh a white shirt for work. Went in with our flat mate which ws good bonding time, she's really nice! She has a cute wee cat called Rasta. Got the rest of our work stuff from the thrift store for like $8. Got a bennie, scarf and USA lonely planet for only $3.50 too.

So Fernie has been super good to us, everything is sorted and was so easy compared to when we arrived in Calgary, this is where we are meant to be for sure!

Looking forward to Halloween which is this weekend YAY big blow out!

OOOoooo and i haven't had any new itchy red lumps since we got here. Thank god that's over.

Laura, our flat mate also said we had a bear in our backyard the other night cos it has been in the rubbish so still have to watch out although they will go into hybination very soon. There will still be courgars though ahhhhhh!

So we started work at Extra Foods and it is the easiest job I've ever had! My hours are probably all going to be days cos the two other people that do my job are school kids which kinda sux but Marsh has nights so that's neat for him. I'm still going to go the the town job fair and see if I can get something at night from there. We did get the job up the hill but we decided that we will tell them about our visa running out and see what they say. Haven't got around to sending the email though and got home today to an email from Tom, the boss up there and he wants us to start next week cos he needs pre-season help so not sure what we will do yet, waiting for Marsh to get home.

Got an email from  a lady from an interview i couldnt go to cos i was working today too. She was asking what hour etc I wanted so something might come out of that too. Hopefully I get something at night too but will see.

Went out to The Pub on Saturday night for halloween which was fun. Don't remember getting home, having a shower and making a feed haha, not sweet but was fun! Didn't get make-up on the fancy sheets.

On Sunday the 31st (halloween) Marsh had to work so Laura and I craved a pumpkin, made a face and put a wee candle in it the light it up, everyone does it here. I made us pumpkin soup cos Laura had never had it before, was spicy goodness! Watched ghost programs all night and then had a freaky dream that I could hear spirits etc ahhhhhhhhh

More and more rain came too so has washed away lots of the snow. Hopefully it gets cold enough to freeze soon cos today I walked to work without my jacket on even, way too toasty!

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