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an adventure exploring australia be off then Hello there folks, just another little blog because three aren’t enough I will use this to post some pics from the little journey that will hopefully take me around Australia with a brief stop over in Bangkok! Leaving UK 20th Septe

working in the whitsundays=working in paradise!? Yeah right.

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 11 May 2015 | Views [246]

Thinking about getting a job on an island resort? Think again! They look like the perfect paradise...and they quite possibly are for the guests who don't want any more than sitting around drinking cocktails and maybe hop on a jetski. Daydream Island was another bbizarre addition to my (Oz) resume. Housekeeping is probably the shittiest department on the island you can end up in. Sometimes quite literally. Not being paid per hour but having a time limit for cleaning rooms is the most frustrating part of the job. You get rooms with two beds and balconies, one bed and no balcony, families of four where parents leave the clothes all over, plus there empty cans and bottles, the always create a mighty mess...oh, and don't work over easter or christmas, there'll be chocolate stains and crumbs everywhere!  The frustration lies in the fact that you get 20min to "service" a room and 40minutes for a full clean. As just described rooms can be an absolute mess and you end up cleaning them forever, or you have them as the room that needs to be ready for new guests. 40minutes??? If you are into nasty practical jokes and don't care about being paid for your labour this job is for you! Our favourite subject beside all the mess created by humans was bird shit. oh yes, cockatoos seem to find it hilarous to shit all over the balconies. And to finish off my rant - i know this is really quite boring to read- spending 20min scrubbing a veranda to get rid of bird shit is really not cool. During my last couple of days I just didn't care and spend as long as needed, no rush, I knew there'd be omeone to help as the supervisors want to get everything done by 5PM. (I probably got paid until 2.30PM) During the second week though I had a little breakdown and nearly cried and from what I heard that's pretty much standard. two weeks of nightmarish exhaustion, anger and frustration and form then on it's just something you get on with. You know you can make some cash and if you just keep remembering where you are and take in the views you'll survive alright.

There's also the issue of accommodation. You share. If you feel past the age of long term stays in dorms, goon binging or are generally a light sleeper then good luck to you! It's best to go as a couple and get your own room, some people are lucky and stay in a two share. So if you don't go into airlie spending all your money on booze and weed and trashy clubs all the time you'll leave with some cash. Rent's only 70 a week, and yet I met people complaining they didn't have money. Nevermind. It definitely strengthens the ego, you either do your own thing not giving a shit about what the rest think and do or you join if so inclined. I only managed two months before it all got a bit too much despite doing my own thing and being quite happy having some awesome sunrise yoga sessions, use of the gym, getting my own food and hanging out with some lovely japanese ladies mainly.

There are some cool things to do on your days off but I guess if one's trying to save money it's still a bit of a luxury. I went to hamilton to have  a snoop around and went for a super hot and sweaty trek up the hill which rewarded me with amazing views of the beautiful ocean and surrounding islands. I saw a baby shark at coral bay too and generally just enjoyed being somewhere else.

Keiko and I went to Dingo Beach and Castaway Bay which was pretty stunning too. It was recommended as "better than Thailand" by someone in AIlrie which we laughed at...but quite frankly IT IS AMAYING! crystal clear water, empty beach and beautiful views to the little green island around. It was probably the best day off, relax time we both needed desperately ...we didn't quite realise how long we spent in the water until we saw the sunburn after ;-)

Also went Ocena Rafting, A little more pricey but kinda worth it to jst get out and do and see something else. The weather was nuts- the water super rough and hence the journey quite bumpy but therefore fun...and wet. Saw some pretty fishies and turtles and of course had our photo opportunities at Whithaven beach. I never thought I'd go as it seems one of the places you constantly see pictures of and having been to nice beaches...well, it is just another beach. BUT! It really is gorgeous! :) Just looking out over the water, or lying in the silica sand gives you an instant happiness and contentment which you will need when working in a hard job!

Anyhow... the best part of being there was probably plannign to leave :D Although I had some really nice times with good people and even work was OK sometimes when I was with lovely supervisors and some fun colleagues on the same floor I still longed to head NORFF...that some old tune. yes yes... ;-) away from little airlie with it's backpacker high street, coles and woolworths and not much else! plus the end of the visa looming … Before really knowing what was going to be next in the imidiate future I booked a flight to Bali and one to Christchurch, NZ. Yes, the end is nigh.

And then I escaped. The same day as Ursula arrived in Prosperpine I left, picked her up and we made our way up up... Happy Days!

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