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an adventure exploring australia be off then Hello there folks, just another little blog because three aren’t enough I will use this to post some pics from the little journey that will hopefully take me around Australia with a brief stop over in Bangkok! Leaving UK 20th Septe

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so i first thought of doing this during my A-levels, i think. Maybe earlier.

Somehow, I got fooled and landed on the wrong island. After 8.5years in the UK it's time to bid farewell.

It all happened very quickly. I found a good deal for a flight, bagged it. The visa had been granted withing a matter of hours. 

I have never been this excited and happy. I will be leaving Europe 20th September setting off to Bangkok for a brief stop over. The plan is to chill and enjoy and come off the potential jet lag, climatize and most importantly feast on lush fruit! :) 

First point of touch down in Australia shall be Darwin and te plan is to work my way round and down... but that might all change :)


Now, I would like to say THANK YOU!

"Thank you!" to all the beautiful people I have met during my time in the UK. Thank you to the amazing friendships and family back in Germany.

The last few years haven't always been easy and fun. I have always had great support from all of you and I am forever grateful to you.

It might sound cheesy but I just want to be honest and truthful and I am very touched about all this happening and also the path that has led up to this. The amount of times I received help moving my stuff around Bristol but also back and forth to/from Germany is mad but it always worked out.

Thank you for The moral support when I had to make decisions about university/ carreer changes.

We also had some great fun partying in Bristol and I wouldn't want to miss that. It made us who we are now.

I'm grateful to everyone who put up with my indecisiveness, listened and gave advise. Everyone who gave me shelter between moves. And grateful to some very nourishing periods back in Germany.

I love you Bristol. I miss you Germany. It is time for something new! I have itchy feet and I am missing the sun, warmth, sea and the lightness that comes with living out a backpack.

I have had some weird jobs here...god knows how many of them. 

Out of all of them, I would like to thank the mad mob at the Relaxation Center! :) You guys are amazing! I have never been around so many beautiful and complex people. I always said I should find another job alongside, well, I'm glad I spent as much time with you as I did! I'm leaving at the same time as some of the great souls of the centre but I still hope to stay in touch and see you all again! Until then, all the best and keep up the good spirit!

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