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BELIZE | Tuesday, 30 October 2007 | Views [471]



They always say that ‘time goes by fast’. First, how do they know that? Does it always go fast? What about when time goes slow? Like in lectures, work or traffic. Second, who are ‘they’? In Elizabethtown this very subject was broached by the lead characters, but I don’t remember the conclusion to the conversation. But seriously, who are ‘they’?  Are ‘they’ supreme beings that know all? Our parents or grandparents? Or just people who think they know all and mess it up for the rest of us. Why do ‘they’ always say things that we believe or put stock in. There should be an investigation into ‘them’.


No matter what ‘they’ say, my time in Belize has flown by and gone south for the winter. It’s actually gotten chilly here, the mid 60’s, which will be nothing compared to when I get home to the Midwest in December.


Why does it seem there is never enough time? ‘They’ probably said that too, but just as I am getting assimilated to my life here, times up. There is still so much to do and see, and I worry that I will miss some great, life changing experience. Strangely enough, when I first arrive in the country, my biggest concern was surviving here. I thought that I wouldn’t be strong enough to be on my own. The biggest shock in my life (so far) is that I am. I am a strong, passionate, resourceful person, who can do what I put my mind to. I know that I will never be the International Spy that I wanted to be as a kid, or President of the United States (who really wants that job? You have to wear a suit all the time.) But, I can make a difference, save lives, have adventures, be happy and content with who and what I am. That is something that I thought I would never find, contentment with my life. I always wanted more, wanted better, wanted bigger – the thing was, I want more money, more stuff, more action in life. I realize now, that I still want more, better and bigger things. They have just changed into more experiences, better lives for people around me, bigger changes, chances and opportunities.

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