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BELIZE | Saturday, 27 October 2007 | Views [495]


Doing laundry by hand sucks, whether it’s scrubbing it on a large stone table, a rock in the river, or in a bucket on the back porch. Clothes here get SO filthy.  I don’t know how women in the past did it. I have to wash my own clothes, and some of the kids and it about breaks my back and arms.

Scrubbing out stains with dish soap, using rainwater to rinse, and hanging the clothes on rope, wire with pins and laying them out on zinc pieces to dry before the next rain comes. I knew, coming to Belize, that I would appreciate home and the luxuries there – and boy, do I miss the washer and dryer. 


Dirt is everywhere. In the air, the water, floor, furniture - everywhere. It’s said that when you live so close to the earth, you’re bound to get some dirt. Makes sense, but its annoying as hell. It’s like living outside, Ants run over everything, in the bathroom, kitchen, in your bed. Flies are all over, biting and buzzing, driving you crazy.  You can’t keep anything clean, and I constantly feel like I need to take a shower.


Whether it is being at home or at the clinic; which is even worse, the roads to San Antonio as complete crap, and when you ride in the back of the truck (like I do) you get to work looking like you have been dragged to work, so looking professional is left to people who work in nice, clean places.  I don’t mind it too much, I wear capris, tank tops and sandals to work, the uniform of a development worker.

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