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Lovely Lucca

ITALY | Sunday, 10 October 2010 | Views [595] | Comments [1]

I’m sitting in the B&B in Lucca and not wanting to leave this place. Today is our last day here and then we’re off to Le Cinque Terre. Sure, it’s beautiful and great, but I had forgotten how much I love this place.

Last time Andrew and I only stayed for one night, but it was enough to develop an appreciation for the town. Two years and a swell of tourists later, it still has an amazing relaxing feel to it and is as beautiful as ever.

You may remember (or may not) that Lucca (well, the old city part) is entirely surrounded by stone walls originally designed for defence. These days you can walk the 4 km track on top of the walls and it is a lovely circuit, whether you are strolling, walking, jogging or riding. There are many other people doing the same thing but it doesn’t feel like a tourist activity (even though technically it is). You just walk along the walls and look out at the area above, inward at the old churches and buildings of Lucca or just in front of you at the tree lined path currently covered in crisp crunchy autumn leaves that are perfect for jumping on.

There are also a few parks along the wall that are perfect for lying around in the sun. Mmmm....sun. Did I mention how wonderfully sunny it has been here so far? Ahhhh....

Anyway, the city of Lucca is busier than I remembered. Perhaps I came on a Sunday, because I don’t remember all these shops that have widened Tess’s eyes for the first time. We have had gelati only three times so far, and probably at least another one time today. Probably. It is a bit cooler today, but I doubt that that will stop us. The first one I had was an interesting (but thoroughly enjoyable) flavour – pine nut icecream. I was uncertain if it would work, but Step 3 – Profit! says otherwise.

We have walked around many of the streets here, looked at quite a few churches and old buildings but haven’t really taken the time to admire them. I did only just realise that the Church of San Michele is not the main church – I thought it was. The cathedral of San Martino is the main church. I had never seen it from the front – Andrew and I only saw the side of it. It is not overly dissimilar to San Michele (has a facade that elicits visions of wedding cakes) but has a tower with it as well.

Last night we bumped into an American girl named Stephanie who had come to Italy all by herself, so we invited her out for dinner. She is absolutely lovely but the poor thing had had a long day and was very tired, so we didn’t stay out for long. Dinner was nice, Tess was the stand out winner – her rare beef with mushrooms was delicious. My red pesto pasta was okay, certainly better than the very poor meal we ate the night before. Serves us right for sitting at a restaurant clearly aimed at tourists. Ah well. Win some, lose some.

This morning we went out and walked outside the walls which, cars aside, was beautiful. For the rest of the day I think we will go out for another walk and not do a whole lot – we need to conserve our energy for hiking Le Cinque Terre in a couple of days. Now, where is that gelati store???

Also, I wrote you guys a poem. Kind of. It’s to be sung to a favourite song of mine. If you can’t figure out the song, we probably shouldn’t be friends.

Look at this place, isn’t it neat?

Wouldn’t you think you could stay here a week?

Wouldn’t you think we’re the girls,

The girls who are, so awesome.

Look at this street, treasures untold,

How many wonders can one city hold?

Lookin’ around here you think,

Sure, it’s got everything!

It’s got churches and vistas aplenty,

It’s got vias and cycles galore.

You want trattorias? It’s got 20!*

But who cares? No big deal! You want more?

You wanna be where the people are?

You wanna see, wanna see those stone walls?

Walking along on those (whattya call em? Oh, feet!)

Sitting at home you don’t get too far,

Planes are required for seeing Lucca.

Strolling along down the (what’s that word again) street.

Here where they walk, here where they run,

Here where they stay all day in the sun,

Wandering free, wish you could be, here in Lucca.

What would I give, if I could live within these stone walls.

What would you pay, to spend a day away from home.

Betcha you’d roam, maybe you’d phone, but you don’t miss overcrowded malls.

Bright sunny days, warm beaming rays, a peaceful tone.

I’m happily talking to the locals,

Ask ‘em my questions and get some answers like

Where’s the bank and at which street do I turn?

What else can I learn? Think that I’d love to explore this city some more.

Here in the sun. Isn’t this fun? Here in Lucca.

*(spoken very quickly) Actual town may or may not contain 20 trattorias. Number given as a rough estimate to fit into song pattern only.

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Pistachio gelati is awesome...but I'm still having trouble imagining pinenut gelati.
Hey, spell check doesn't like gelati - what is it with that?

  Sally Oct 11, 2010 8:33 PM

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