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ITALY | Wednesday, 6 October 2010 | Views [567] | Comments [1]

I really need to make more of an attempt to update this blasted thing every day! Currently in Firenze and enjoying what has so far been a very lazy day. Tess is off at the Uffizi gallery and I have been updating photos and all things internet for the past few hours. Figured I’d probably better update the journal seems as how I’m a few days behind.

When I left you last, my dear readers, we had seen Saint Jimmy’s and were having a rest day. Not much to report on that front – went for a walk in the afternoon and saw some great cloud action, but not much else.

The following day we were keen to get into the Chianti region so we got up early (well, reasonably so) and headed into the station to find that of course, the first bus left at 7:30 am (it was then about 9 am) and the next one wasn’t until 1 pm. Of course.

So we filled in the morning by jumping on a bus to Asciano, a tiny place, with not much going on about 30 km SE of Siena. After a bit of a kerfuffle with buying the wrong tickets, we boarded a bus and Tess got to look out at the Le Crete countryside whilst I lay down and tried not to vomit. Stupid back of bumpy bus.

We got off and walked around the town. Like I said, not much going on, but it was interesting to check out a random town for an hour (and see countryside if you’re Tess) rather than walk around Siena or wait at the bus station. Thankfully we were able to catch a train back to Siena, so I too could look out and not feel sorry for myself.

We arrived back at the station and eventually got onto a bus for Radda. We finally got there...and swoon. THIS is what Tess has been talking about. It was absolutely stunning. The town itself is a typical Tuscan town, steep worn cobbled streets lined with shuttered stone houses, peppered with souvenir stores and art galleries. There was a wonderful abundance of brightly coloured flowers everywhere we looked, which helped to cheer up a rather overcast (and raining) day. So annoying that I’m going to come back less tanned than you guys. What’s the damn point of a holiday, really?

We wandered first around the outskirts of the town and were rewarded with amazing views of the countryside that stretched out and beckoned you to stay, stay, stay. Oh, I could have stayed for so long. Stupid day trip. The rolling hills, soaring trees....insert imagery here. We lingered for as long as we could along these gravel paths, interjecting contented silence with contented sighs.

All in all – there is not much to write about for the town. It was beautiful. How many different ways can I say that? It had a lovely relaxed feel about it and we would have loved to have stayed longer, but unfortunately the rain was getting heavier and heavier so we had to head home. No awesome countryside walks for us. L

We made it back to Siena (very sadly) and packed up our gear, watched Pirates of the Caribbean and tried to eat the remainder of our food. The next day (yesterday) we packed up and trundled off to the main bus station where we took a bus to Florence, where we are now.  I will post about Florence possibly tomorrow (or the next day) after we’ve done a bit more walking around.

Until then, hope you’re enjoying your wicked stormy weather, and I’ll see you soon! XX

Radda in Chianti photos.




Oh man, what a beautiful place.

Oh, and I have to tell you - I've had the first sunburn of the season. Go me!

  Sally Oct 11, 2010 8:22 PM

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