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Outskirts of Siena

ITALY | Saturday, 2 October 2010 | Views [538] | Comments [2]

For a rest day, we ended up doing a lot. Okay, maybe not a lot, but a lot for a rest day. I’m tired! How did that happen?? Stupid faux rest day.

Slept in, had eggs, mushies and cado for brekkie – really needed a savoury breakfast. Those crazy Italians and their overwhelming inundation of sugar at every meal, I don’t know.

After lunch we headed out for a walk to check out the countryside in the area, and it was beautiful. The thing I remember most is the dying fields of sunflowers. The first field we encountered was almost entirely dead, a sea of brown stems with a light spattering of faintly yellow stems that were yet to concede their fates. A flock of doves were enjoying the seed feast, although rhythmically perturbed by the passing traffic. It was a really nice day for a walk; the sun was (mostly) out, the blue sky had a few clouds puffing out and the fields were a patchwork of yellow, green and brown. This is better!

The second field of sunflowers didn’t seem quite aware that they were doomed. They were hanging their heads for sure, but were not yet resigned to their impending death. We roamed up and down the rollercoaster hills, focusing at times on trying to breathe without keeling over. I need bigger calves, right? Right? Hello?? I take your silence as an affirmative.

After walking for not quite an hour (we think) we turned around and headed back and I went back to my computer problem – I couldn’t get the USB internet key given to me by the B&B owner to work. I had called Dad/Ryan earlier in the day to solve the problem, but they couldn’t really help me. I had to get some (mostly fruitless) help from the B&B owner, and ended up conversing with him for about half an hour. Good for my Italian practice, bad for my energy levels. I ended up fixing my initial problem (for interests sake my Windows Installer Service was disabled. Don’t ask me why), but now I’m left with another problem. It won’t connect. I’ve even tried their other key, and it won’t let me connect. They connect on other people’s laptops but not mine and I have no idea why. Any ideas? I’m running Windows 7 (only a 32 bit version) which might be the problem. I have pretty much given up. I think it’s a modem problem but I can’t figure it out. But anyway, this is a blog post, right?

I’m now officially up to date with my posts....though with this internet issue it will probably be a week before you read this....aargh! Sorry. I wish I could figure it out. Tomorrow we’re probably off to Montalcino, so I will hopefully write next about vino, vino, vino. Hmmm...speaking of....

Ciao! XXX

Tuscan countryside photos.



The sunflowers were not dying, they were ripening. Well, that's what you should tell them...

  Peter Oct 6, 2010 6:24 PM


I seem to be following brother around...what do they grow sunflowers for if not for the seed? So why aren't they harvested...or maybe its some pagan rite, leave 2 fields for the birds and they'll allow us all the rest.

  Sally Oct 11, 2010 7:37 PM

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