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Day of laziness

CANADA | Wednesday, 5 March 2008 | Views [905]

So……where was I?

When I woke up this morning, I was ex-haust-ed. Staying up so freaking late (yes, 2am is late. I don’t care what you say) just buggered me. It may have been having to put up with an American who didn’t know what kind of snow he was talking about, or the two children wrestling in the corridor and attempting to converse with such great lines as, ‘well here’s one for you feminists’ and ‘I bet you that I can (insert thing that involves said 20-year old bogan outsmarting us)….’. My face couldn’t decide to show derision, amusement, boredom or irritation.

Anyway….I lay in bed trying to sleep in, when I thought I heard Sarah tapping at the keyboard of my laptop. Reality started to wash herself over me, and I realised that it was a rustling, and I realised that Fred was back.                                 

We met Fred the night before, when he ran across the floor of the kitchen, but remained shy for most of the night and didn’t show his face there again. He DID come up to visit Sarah and me, but he tried to eat my chocolate bar, so I was not very impressed with him. So Fred had come back, but unfortunately for poor Fred he had interfered with two things very important to me.

  1. Sleep
  2. My food

I was very cross with him. He figured this out and ran away. But, silly Fred just had to push it. He came back to scavenge the food that I had to throw out, so I had to gather him up, and uh, relieve him of his irritating habit.

So after my slow start to the day, Sare and I ventured outside to get me some breakfast before I killed somebody else apart from Fred. We bumped into Johnny again, who was a little horrified that I had just turned on Fred so easily. He was also a little, uh, shocked to find that I would likely do the same thing to him. Pfft. Interfere with my food and/or sleep. Deserve what EVER you get.

So, we went and had breakfast before I tore somebody’s spine out and force fed it back to them. Sare and I had planned to do a bit of a walking tour around town, but ended up spending a couple of hours chatting with Johnny. We then went for a walk down to get Sarah’s camera fixed, and were thrilled to discover an Australian souvenir store. Clearly, we had to go in and sample their authentic wares. However, I was highly excited to discover jars of VEGEMITE!!!!

You don’t actually appreciate how awesome vegemite is until you don’t have it around. It is NOWHERE here. Except apparently in a dodgy Australian souvenir store in downtown Vancouver. COMPLETELY AWESOME!!! So we sang a little song and had a great time enjoying Australian goodness.

We mosied back on to the hostel and found Johnny again, this time with a mate from Canada. We went out for sushi dinner, which cost me $10 (including taxes and tips) which is pretty cool, considering I stuffed myself stupid with food. I even had a sushi with cream cheese and red cap, which was bloody fantastic. Johnny and his friend felt like crepes for dessert, so we marched to the crepe place and they had crepes whilst Sarah and I pretty much fell asleep. So, we trundled back to the hostel and here I am lying in bed, listening to Sare sleep and looking at my dwindling battery.

So, I bid thee farewell, hope you are all having nearly as much fun as me. Bah, who am I kidding??

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