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Gallery: Dublin

IRELAND | Sunday, 8 Jul 2007 | Photo Gallery

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London to Dublin

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Views [432] | Comments [1]

Last Friday morning we left to Dublin. When we planned the trip, it sounded awesome to leave really early Friday morning and come back really late on Sunday so we could spend the most amount of time possible in Dublin. But come Friday morning at 4am, ... Read more >

Tags: Airports


UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Views [327]

Hooooey, it has been a busy week. I have not had time to update this bad boy, but here is a short entry to keep you entertained. On last Wednesday night we went to see Wicked. For those that don't know what it is about, it is the Wizard of Oz, except ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: British Museum, Dickens Tour, Bath, Stonehenge, Etc...

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 26 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Portabello Market, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 26 Jun 2007 | Views [715] | Comments [1]

On Saturday we went to Portabello Market. I definately liked Portabello Market more than Camden Market. Camden had better food, but Portabello had better shopping. There were a ton of people selling antiques ranging from pocketwatches to teacups. There ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing


UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 22 Jun 2007 | Views [434] | Comments [2]

Today we went to Parliament! It was waaaay better than what I expected. It was really beautiful, but I couldn't take any pictures of the thrones and paintings and carvings. I have some pictures of Big Ben though...those will be coming soon. As soon as ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

STOMP! and the Elgin Marbles

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 22 Jun 2007 | Views [460] | Comments [1]

So, last night we got tickets to STOMP! And it was pretty entertaining. It is as entertaining as it could be when they are making music out of brooms, trashcans and matchboxes. Unfortunately, I was not able to take any pictures of the performace. ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Imperial War Museum and the Globe Theatre

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007 | Views [373]

This day has been jam-packed. We started the day off on a light note by touring the Imperial War Museum. Our teacher talked to us about different tanks and missiles and about the use of gas in WWI. We were then free to roam about the museum on our ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Globe Theatre

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 19 Jun 2007 | Views [332]

Today we got going at 8:45am and went down to the Globe Theatre. It is the recreation of Shakespeares theatre from the late 1500's. Its really neat, has no roof and only fits about 1500 people. 900 sit in the seating area and 600 stand around the stage.... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Builder's Arms and Camden Market

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 18 Jun 2007 | Views [361]

Last night was fun, we walked down to the Builder's Arms, which is a pub in Kensington. Its a little out of the way place that tourists don't know about and it was very cute. We had Pims and Lemonade...which is some alcoholic drink, but it kind of ... Read more >

Tags: Markets

Gallery: Piccadilly Circus and Big Birthday

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 17 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Out on the Town!

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 17 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

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It's the Queen's Birthday!

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 17 Jun 2007 | Views [512] | Comments [2]

Today we went on a coach tour of London. It was very cool to see the London Bridge and such, but it is the Queen's birthday. So, they have a large parade and the queen rides in an open carriage, which was really amazing to see. We then took pictures ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Nonstop Action!

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 16 Jun 2007 | Views [416]

So this is my 3rd full day and London and we have been going nonstop! After the ten hour flight, which wasn't too bad...minus the fact that it was extremely cramped, we hopped on the underground and made our way to the stop closest to our flat. We ... Read more >

Tags: Lost!

June 12th - 21st Birthday and Departure Day

USA | Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007 | Views [397] | Comments [2]

June 12th, the big 2-1. Yes, that's right and it started off with a... SPLAT . I started the night at my older brother's house, who force fed me a drink. We then moved on to Fox and Hound where my friends ordered me two more. I know, I know, its not ... Read more >

Tags: Laughter

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