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Parallel Universe

MEXICO | Wednesday, 29 August 2007 | Views [1263]

Sitting in my rocking chair, logging the video tapes from the summer. I was living in a parallel universe. My return was less about culture shock and more about city shock. The sheer density of activity in one's day is amazing. I miss greeting each person by meeting their glance, "Buenos Dias" Walking around picking fruit off the ground, and from the trees/ the effort of cracking open a walnut. I bought a package of tortillas from the store, blue corn, color #56. Having the time to sit and talk.. when being late is acceptable because there is an understanding of the unpredictability of life and circumstance-- and people come before schedules and deadlines. However, it's good to be around people my age again... It's hard to go back to describe the summer. In the end, it all balanced out. We had a serious week of "last-time" events ... confirmation parties, carne de cabello, dona julia, dances, mermalada, pinata, crying, goodbyes, cards, photos, emails exchanged. The details are already withering-- I know they have embedded themselves in my experience, but I'm unable to recall them. Pictures are posted... assemble the story creatively. I have provided sparse captions. Movies, clips, moments coming soon on my website, and hopefully a more detailed projet will emerge.. and possibly lead to another visit. I'll likely be back. How can you leave a place that allows you into their community after only 2 months, and not return? --- side note. Just watched the film, Letters from the Other Side (http://www.sidestreetfilms.com/), an indep documentary that visits with families, separated by the border -- Look for it. It's a really interesting, honest piece. Although I had hoped to pursue a very similiar video letter project.... I realize there is still a lot of work to be done...

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