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Day 2

MEXICO | Wednesday, 20 June 2007 | Views [1194]

Let me start by saying, I'm very excited to have my own room tonight. I have been staying in a women's dorm with 8 beds, all of which were full the last 2 nights, but now are empty... hurrah.

Today I took a trip to the southern neighborhood of Coyoacan, meaning land of the coyotes. It's the "bohemian" youthful part of town, it actually felt like another country or city- I stopped at this hustling coffee shop on the corner, and was excited to partake in what seemed to be the destination of the hour, but my cappucino was a sad splash of espresso poured from an existing pitcher into a whole lot of milk, oh well.

Ok, the last entry exhausted me, so here is the short of it:

walked through a beautiful park, Viveros, on the way to the Coyoacan, like a mini central park, but flat, full of joggers and black squirrels.

was stopped by 2 young women who passed along a newsletter and info on a gathering for women's rights to take place this saturday, in the plaza where they approached me.

interviewed by some TV show, where a young "host" asked me questions like, if "Angelina Jolie has a penis would I want to be with her?" That was the best one.. of course my answers were only funny because I was trying so hard to repeat the question and the answer in proper spanish- not with much luck...

Frida kahlo/Diego rivera's house- very charming, of course.

Leon trotsky's house, a fortress, where he lived in exile until he was assasinated... didn't know he had a very particular cactus garden and lots of hens which he tended to with much care.. part of the "trade" he developed to compliment the intellectual work...

stopped by the Zocolo on my way home. Madness. I'll be back tomorrow and there will be more details.

With much hunger and no obvious restaurant in sight, I stopped at a packed street stand where I had a delicious, on the stop made, huge corn tortilla filled with chicken, onions, tomatoes and cheese. It was amazing, and to this moment did not make me sick.

Ventured back out this evening to a lecture on migration, given by the author of a new book on the topic, presented at the spanish cultural center. Also there, was an exhibit on alternative culture in mexico, primarily through print-- a very small show, but good nonetheless.

After the talk I followed everyone upstairs for wine that was promised- instead, juice, pina. I drank the pina juice.., oh my paronia set in soon after... I hope it was straightup- don't drink the water... I think I'll be fine.

ps. I love riding the metro. The most recent sales included: a book of 2007 driving rules and regulations (someone next to me actually bought it) -- new age hits CD, women opera singers CD and nail clippers.

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