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Living Like Students in Lima

PERU | Friday, 16 Nov 2007 | Views [716]

While Lima is a huge sprawling city with a few areas of safe refuge for the traveler, the area we're staying in, Mirflores, is pretty well patrolled by police, and relatively safe to walk around. It's like any big city, pockets of good and bad, rich ... Read more >

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Land 'O Beers

VIETNAM | Friday, 27 Jul 2007 | Views [785]

One aspect of Vietnam that was a pleasant surprise (especially for Darrin) is that beer ("bia" in Vietnamese) is plentiful and cheap throughout the country! The bottled varieties (like Saigon) were a decent deal at $0.50 to $0.70 cents ... Read more >

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We Could Be Their Parents

VIETNAM | Friday, 20 Jul 2007 | Views [819]

Travelers along the way have told us, while in Nha Trang, the thing to do is take Mama Lin's Boat Cruise... the best value $5 USD will get you in all of Vietnam. We boarded our usual mode of transportation, a bus, at 8:00 a.m. and were happy to see ... Read more >

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Saturday Night Out with Mr. Lee

VIETNAM | Saturday, 14 Jul 2007 | Views [1059]

After three days on the beach with Mr. Lee, Darrin’s kite boarding instructor, we developed a friendship and he offered to take us out to some special local places that he reserves for adventurous western friends.  First stop was for "Bia" Vietnamese ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

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