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Viola is out there... Somewhere nce upon a time, in a land not so far away, existed a violist who loved languages and wanted to travel. A lot. When I say a lot it REALLY means a LOT. So, she left the country a couple of times. Her last stopover is Dubai and soon she will fly away... ag


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Solo Travel x Group Travel: A comparative study

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 30 Jul 2016 | Views [374]

  Whenever I chose to go adventuring in my early years, I have always ended up going solo. Mostly due to the careful planning involved, lack of people interested in going the same route I chose, or simply because people were unwilling to compromise ... Read more >

Tags: group travel, on the road, planning, solo travel

To adventuring... Cairin style

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 30 Jul 2009 | Views [485]

It was everything done on a rush on my trip to Scotland. I knew I would have only one week as holiday in August to celebrate my birthday, however the agonizing decision of where to go was postponed until the last minute. My delay almost cost me the ... Read more >

Tags: birmingham, on the road, united kingdom

London Calling

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 20 May 2007 | Views [435] | Comments [1]

I went today to the hillsong service in the afternoon, after sleeping deliciously late in the morning. I needed, I was running low in sleep. Didi is surprisingly nice person, I cooked her a home made meal with chicken and white rice and a lite salad, ... Read more >

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