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FRANCE | Thursday, 24 May 2007 | Views [638] | Comments [1]

France and tours were a surprise to me. After passing through the checkin of Ryanair without paying any extra - the lady in the counter was  Portuguese, so I think she had pity of me - I arrived for a surprinsingly sunny and warm ville de Tours. 

I had a shock when I met Florie. She is the type people in Brazil would stop and stare, or invite her for pictures for fashion magazines. Tall, mignon type, very beautifull.

Best part of her is still her heart of gold.

She took me to meet her maman - lovely lady by the way - collected me in airport, took me around for a city tour - not that Tours is VERY big, but it is ok, i think.

The craziest thing was switch English and Deutsch for French. I mean, everytime I tried to open my mouth or English or German words came out. I truly hate stuttering. But she was very very patient with me and by the end of my stay I was able to utter some simple senteces in French.

J´ai decide de retourner a mes études de Francais quand je suis a Brésil. Je haisse quand je ne comprends pas. Francais c´est une langue trés belle, et je crois que je puisse devenir flissend trés vite.

wow, that was difficult.

The castles in the Vale de la Loire are amazing!

They are huge constructions, most times with more bedroons and nooks and turms that man can imagine. Can you think on how many people they needed to clean the three hundred chimmey in Chambord?

A whole lot of people.

And to imagine it was just a hunting lodge in which the king stayed only 29 day tops. What a waste.

What I like most on these places is the attention for detail. Everything has the kings monogram, from the beds, ceiling paintings, bathroom doors. Ok, they were a little megalomaniac, but he was the king, Le état, c´est moi. He can be egocentric.

Besides... they had time. Lots of time. And rivers of money to burn in such constructions.

A simple chest used to keep clothes is sculpted as a work of art, each wall of the chateau is covered by delicate handwoven silk tapesseries, wich withstood the passage of time still with the same beauty of that time.

I visited Chenonceau, Amboise, Azay le Rideau, Cheverny, Villandry et Chambord

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Merci Kezia !
You were very nice too, and it was really great to meet you ! In hoping to see you back a day...I wish you to be happy with Georges ;-) Give me news often !
Bonne fin de voyage Kezia, et bonjour à ton futur mari de ma part, et peut-être qu'un jour je viendrai moi aussi te voir dans ton pays : Brésil ou Irlande ???

  Florie May 31, 2007 10:04 PM

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