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GERMANY | Sunday, 27 May 2007 | Views [543]

After two years, here I am in Germany again. Much is different in Heuer-Berg household, but it seems that the change were for better. Constantin is in a Knabenchoir in internat like school, Christa rented the upper floor, Sophia is... well, sophia. No words to describe her.

Since we arrived we went to a open air museum where there are several historical houses, some as old as Brazil. People had very hard lives then, living with horses and cows right in the next room. The place must have stunk a lot by them.

Today was interesting as we went to visit the place called Varusschalcht, where the Germanic barbarian tribes stopped the Roman trops. There the roman empire found their true enemies.

The tribes basically killed in their crazy guerrilha style attack three to five Roman legions in Kalkriese. The Battle is only know as Tacitus, a roman history writer, mentioned it in good detail in his Annales.

Anyway, it is fun to see adult men running in togas and in Roman clothes around, and we in Germany. Besides, it was windy and it rained a lot.

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