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Tales of a Vagabond My summer as a hobo in Europe.

Trip: Barcelona to Bratislava: 57 Days with a Backpack and a Boy

There are [17] stories from my trip: Barcelona to Bratislava: 57 Days with a Backpack and a Boy


GREECE | Thursday, 17 Jul 2008 | Views [701] | Comments [1]

It's incredibly time consuming and frustrating to upload pictures to my journal. If you'd like to see some, check out Devin's journal. We've decided to combine our efforts: I write more detailed stories, and he posts lots of pictures. What a team! journals.... Read more >

Back to Civilization

ROMANIA | Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | Views [1219] | Comments [5]

After leaving Budapest, we headed for Bucharest, Romania. We took another night train and ended up riding with a couple of Canadian girls who were going to visit some family. The ride was incredibly long, we didn't get to Bucharest until 2:30 in the ... Read more >

Tags: athens, bucharest, bulgaria, greece, hungary, patras, sofia

Hobbling Along in Eastern Europe

HUNGARY | Saturday, 12 Jul 2008 | Views [828] | Comments [6]

Devin and I woke up at 2:15 in the morning in Bratislava in order to catch a train to Zagreb, Croatia. For having less than two hours of sleep the night before, we were relatively cheery. We took the night bus to the train station only find out that ... Read more >

Tags: budapest, croatia, hungary, zagreb

Quick Update

SLOVAKIA | Wednesday, 9 Jul 2008 | Views [784] | Comments [5]

I'll write a full story as soon as I get to a place where I can use the computer for a while, but in the meantime: a quick update. After leaving Poland, Devin and I headed to Prague, Czech Republic. My foot was hurting terribly, and it had started to ... Read more >

Heading East

GERMANY | Friday, 4 Jul 2008 | Views [669] | Comments [1]

I woke up to the rocking back and forth of the ferry. We were headed to Kiel, Germany, and we were both feeling a little sea sick. Yuck. I grabbed a cup of hot tea and walked the decks of the boat, watching the sun rise before anyone else was up for ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, hamburg, kiel, krakow, poland

Gallery: Scandinavia

SWEDEN | Thursday, 3 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

A Whirlwind Journey Up North
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Sailing Scandinavia

NORWAY | Thursday, 3 Jul 2008 | Views [1941] | Comments [2]

After leaving the plush comfort of Kent and Leslie's apartment in Amsterdam, Devin and I boarded a night train headed for Copenhagen, Denmark. School just let out for the summer in Europe, so all the trains were pretty much booked solid. We ended up ... Read more >

Tags: denmark, norway, sweden

Gallery: Somewhere North of France

BELGIUM | Friday, 27 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

Belgium and Netherlands
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Mussels in Brussels

NETHERLANDS | Friday, 27 Jun 2008 | Views [2305] | Comments [4]

While sitting in the lobby of the Van Gogh Youth Hostel in Brussels, Belgium, Devin and I encountered a couple of guys from San Diego named Ray and Charles, not to be confused with Ray Charles. After spending the evening hanging out on the patio, we made plans ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, antwerp, belgium, brussels, netherlands

Link to Devin's Journal

LUXEMBOURG | Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | Views [639]


Gallery: From Andorra to Paris to Luxembourg

FRANCE | Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

Andorra, France, and Luxembourg
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Number 15

BELGIUM | Monday, 23 Jun 2008 | Views [717] | Comments [5]

Not long after my last post, I used Facebook to find Grant's address and Mapquest to get directions. Devin and I then took a stab at figuring out the closest subway stop, and off we went. After sitting in front of the building in which we were hoping ... Read more >

Tags: belgium, brussels, france, luxembourg, paris

On our Own

FRANCE | Friday, 20 Jun 2008 | Views [927] | Comments [3]

Well, the students went home, and we are running around Europe like a couple of chickens with their heads cut off. We left the hotel in Barcelona and got on a train headed for La Tour de Carol, France. Unfortunately, the tracks were being worked on, ... Read more >

Tags: andorra, paris

Gallery: Spain in a Nutshell

SPAIN | Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

Northeast Spain
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Spain in a Nutshell

SPAIN | Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Views [2104] | Comments [2]

Hola! Since fist arriving in Spain, we have traveled throughout the northeast. In Madrid we visited the Prado and Retiro Park, where Chris proposed to Morgan Beggs. She said yes. I ate some pork elbow , and I accidentally found the street of prostitutes ... Read more >

Tags: bilbao, burgos, lordes, madrid, pamplona, pau, san sebastian, segovia, spain, zaragoza

Gallery: Madrid

SPAIN | Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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The Journey Begins

SPAIN | Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008 | Views [813] | Comments [5]

We made it to Spain! After downing some NyQuil so that I could sleep on the plane, we finally arrived in Madrid. What a beautiful city! There are so many old buildings, statues, and well-dressed people. Madrid is the number one city in the world for ... Read more >

Tags: madrid, spain