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For The Memories, Babe Finding myself in a rut, I've decided to try something new. Or a few things new actually. I've taken a job as an au pair. And moved to a different country. And don't know anyone else. And am directionally impaired. Here goes nothing...

Entertaining the Masses.

NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 25 March 2008 | Views [690] | Comments [5]

Actually, it was a pretty nice week. I haven't worked much at all, it being Easter and all. The kids have had a few days off, and the Parents haven't scheduled any flights, so therefore, lots of lazy days for Katie.

Saturday night was my introduction to the Den Bosch party scene. I talked to Kristina early in the week and we decided to have dinner with Kristine and then go out dancing afterward. On my way to the bus stop it started snowing, which was kind of worrisome, but I made it to both the bus and to the Kris' apartment with little to no problems. It was weird to see Den Bosch at night though. Since it is essentially a shopping town, and all the stores were closed, it was ghostly. Really strange for 7pm to be the only one on the street. But, alas, I made it to dinner. Which was fish. Hmmm.... but it's my year to try new things. So, I did. Also, Kristine's Spanish ex-boyfriend, Luis, and Kristina's dad, Tune, were there too, so it was a nice little dinner party. Lots of wine, lots of bread, lots of gossip (mostly about my adventures in Belgium). And again I'll note the lots of wine.

So we finish dinner, and eventually decide to go out on the town. The plan was to go dancing at a club called Puur. Kristina had an extra uh...borrowed...bike, so I [drunkenly] meandered down the streets of Den Bosch while trying not to fall in the snow. It was quite a trip. The club was ok. It was kind of set up like a civic center or something, with a few different rooms with different themes. I think there was a place to get coffee, a teen room with lots of Usher or something playing, and then the room we were in, which was mainly techno. After a few beers (not peach like then ones in Belgium, so therefore gross), Kristina and I shimmied our way onto the dance floor. We had a great time. I think we ended up dancing until about 4am or so. It was fun, especially since I hadn't been out since I got here! Also, we had a few Screwdrivers bought for us, so that made it even better (mostly because it wasn't beer). 

Anyway, I got up the next morning super early after maybe 3 hours of sleep, headed for the bus, and found that as it was Easter Sunday, the bus wasn't taking passengers until almost 10am. Which normally I wouldn't care about, but as there was an impending Easter egg hunt, I was frustrated. But I got home eventually and we headed to watch Carl's first bicycle race. It was cute/exciting! Carl ended up placing fifth out of about 30 I would say, so that was good. He even got a little trophy and his picture taken. It was nice.

Since then it has been snowing on and off, and therefore my heat has been going on and off. Somehow the two are connected, which sucks since that means I have to climb into the attic to reset the heater. I'll post pics to show where I have to go to do this. It's creepy and dark, and the pictue I took in the attic is entirely flash, because it's actually pitch black up there.

Today, though, some big news! Not only did the boys and I make a five-layered snowman, complete with scarf, sunglasses, and carrot nose, but I also have a fun new Euro haircut! I cut off about a foot and a half of my hair I think, and added some highlights. I'll post pics of this too :)

Anyway, hope all is well! 

Fin, for now.



This is your brother-in-law Scott. I sent you an email. Read it.

A foot and a half of hair sounds like a lot! That is like the size of a really long baby

  Scott Mar 27, 2008 7:42 AM


"as several older male members of my family read this blog", may not be a nice to talk about your uncles....

  Dad Mar 28, 2008 1:45 AM


it's funny that you cut your hair bc i was about to ask, "why all the braids"?

oh, and scott is hilarious.

  Lauren Mar 29, 2008 1:36 PM


Hey, I love the haircut! It looks really good. Hope things are going well!

  Josh Torres Mar 31, 2008 11:00 PM


Lauren- let's try not to feed his ego. :) Also, I know Kates is gone but I also miss you. Kates- we need to chat.

  Kera Apr 1, 2008 3:23 AM

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