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Confirming my Homecoming...

GERMANY | Wednesday, 2 July 2008 | Views [993] | Comments [2]

So I should’ve known when I missed my train that the Berlin trip would be a bust. But after hearing that the train I missed had caught on fire, I thought maybe it was a just a reassurance that I should be going when I was going. Unfortunatley, when I was going was 6 am the next morning. The problem was that I would’ve had to take a bus home, then drive my bike back to where I started in Den Bosch at 2am in order to get on the train to Utrecht to get the ticket to Berlin. All very confusing, but long story short, I was stuck roaming around the city like a homeless person all night. Thank God that Dad had his phone or I would’ve literally died of boredom and been even more worried about what was happening. The not so great part of being on the phone with your father when there’s a hip hop concert going on down the street would be when the rambling Dutchman comes up and replies to your “I don’t speak Dutch” with, “Can I ask a question? Wanna [email protected]?” Seriously??? Dad and I both had the same response…”That’s your question??”
Anyway, I spent most of the night walking around Den Bosch looking for this movie theater that I swear keeps moving, then finally heading to the train station at like 2am after hanging out at said hip hop street fair. I was kind of a wreck. From there I went to Utrecht where the train I thought left at 4 actually left at 6, so after forking over 222 Euro for the Berlin ticket(about 100 more than I thought it would be), I ended up sleeping on a bench in Utrecht Centraal for a few hours. Not my classiest or safest move.
When I finally got to the Berlin Hbf Station (where I would spend the majority of the next few days), I found out that they apparently go out of their way to be confusing with the public transportation system. I did eventually find my bus and got to the hostel I was staying at. It was the first one I have been to, and I deemed it necessary to my European travel experience. It was actually pretty cool. I don’t remember the last time I was in a bunk bed. Actually, I do. Nevermind.
The rest of that day was spent at first following, the trying to avoid at all costs, the throngs of people dressed in black, red, and yellow from head to toe supporting the football team. It was crazy. Turns out they lost the finals for the Euro 2008 Cup, yet I thought they won until someone told me the next day. If they were this excited about losing, I may have literally lost an eardrum had it been a win. The worst part of this was that while I was walking around the city, they had the Brandenberg Tor blocked off most of the time for a concert. But, I did manage to go to the Parliament building, which offers a great aerial view from the roof. It was kind of amazing…or would’ve been if I had yet to be to any other European city. That night I headed over to the Sony Center to see what it was all about (basically, it’s about being a steel structure with a light show), and ended up seeing “Sex and the City” at the IMAX. Eh…kind of disappointing. Whatever, it’s not Movie Time with Katie.
Monday I again tried my hand with the Brandenberg, and ended up just slightly closer, and got a few pictures before being ushered away by the police who were baracading the area. From there I went over to Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, one of the main crossings from East to West Berlin. There is a fantastic museum set up with lots of information, and even some cars and stuff that were used to escape to safety. It was incredible how far people went to get to their families. The actual checkpoint has some pieces of the Wall still standing, and there are guards there to take pictures with. I also managed to get some stamps in my passport from them, so that was a great souvenir!
That night, went roaming around for awhile again, then back to the Sony Center and saw “What Happens in Vegas”. Much better movie! (There were maybe 5 people in the theater both times I went, and both times I was the only one laughing at anything.) I also went over to one of the Biergartens, and had some good apple streudel for dinner :) (Beer and sausages aren't my thing...streudel is German enough).
Tuesday morning it was time to come home. Checked out of the hostel, went to the train station, started my 8 hour journey home, arrived to a note saying the parents weren’t going to be home until Saturday. Same old, same old ☺
I come home on Monday! Can’t wait to see you all!

Fin, for now!



"That's your question?" HA. Love it. Love you. Love your dad. :)

And they must have changed up the Sex and the City movie for the Germans because I was not in any way dissapointed by it. Quite the opposite, actually. But Anyway, I'm glad you got the experience of being in Germany. Now come home!!!

  Lauren Jul 3, 2008 10:51 AM


So, I am literally leaving here in 2 hours to pick you up at the airport and I must say last night felt a lot like I was going to Disney World today. I was so excited for today that I barely slept!

  Kera Jul 7, 2008 11:04 PM

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