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Kathryn and Charlotte's Australasia Fun! Look at moi! Look at moi!

Birthdays in Melbourne

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 7 Jul 2009 | Views [166]

Not updated the blog for a while - I've been waiting for my fingers to thaw out, it's freezing! Though I was speaking to a barman from Lanark last week who reminded me that even though its a paltry 15 degrees here in Melbourne, it was about 14 in Edinburgh ... Read more >

Future plans...

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 11 May 2009 | Views [195] | Comments [1]

And forgot to add - we've pushed back our flights to NZ until September 5th. This news won't surprise any of you, except for perhaps my Mum. We decided although work isn't up to much, leaving Melbourne to go in June and be home by July is just too soon.... Read more >


UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 11 May 2009 | Views [231]

Not updated this for a while because we've been busy settling into Melbourne life. Charlotte and I are still working at the Red Cross Monday to Friday, with some very entertaining workmates. I swear I'm going blind processing these cheques, but the money ... Read more >

King St - home to Goldfingers, Mens Gallery...and us!

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 14 Apr 2009 | Views [1435]

We are now fully fledged apartment dwellers living at 270 King Street. Everyone in Melbourne who spots our address raise their eyebrows. I think it may be rather seedy as we're near a couple of 'Gentlemans Clubs'. As Grace reminds us, if work is hard ... Read more >


UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009 | Views [224]

Well it's been an eventful week on the job front - it never rains it pours - and pours unpaid, long hour, idiotic sales jobs by the bucket. I was offered five jobs in one week - what are you complaining about then? I hear you all cry. Well, here goes.... Read more >

Still Job hunting!

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 12 Mar 2009 | Views [244]

Well we are still looking for jobs, it's getting a bit boring now. I have had a few temping agency registrations, aswell as a catering agency where I have to buy a lot of uniforms before I even get a job from them (seems a bit silly really).  Kathryn ... Read more >

The job hunt begins

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 | Views [185] | Comments [2]

 Got the car back just in time to Melbourne, even though I drove over the pavement right outside the hire company. They didn't notice. Saturday night we went out in Brunswick Street with our new Irish friends Grace and Kathryn - they're good craic! Had ... Read more >

Lovely Melbourne

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 4 Mar 2009 | Views [220] | Comments [1]

We flew Virgin Blue (if I was an air hostess I'd want their outfits, not orange Easyjet) and arrived in Melbourne on 18th February. We were booked into the Nunnery - it's a fabulous old building with lots of pictures of Jesus, a large 'Boticelli' and ... Read more >

Byron Bay

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 2 Mar 2009 | Views [269]

Arrived in Byron Bay after a 14 hour bus journey (the smell of bad breath!) and made it to our hostel. Shared an 8-bed tiny room with lots of girls, heat and a large dusty fan in the centre of the room. Luckily we were only booked for 3 nights so spent ... Read more >

First week...

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 | Views [224]

We arrived in Sydney on 31st Jan to 25 degree weather and sun! I'd forgotten what that looked like. My hair frizzed and my feet puffed out like Sherman Klumps but we have arrived. Sydney is a great city - a lot like London. Or is that just the street ... Read more >

Getting everything together

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 11 Jan 2009 | Views [171]

Spoke to Charlotte today, she's still trying to rent out her house. We've got just under 3 weeks before we head off, so she's understandably anxious. Luckily she has me to arrange travel insurance and our first couple of nights in Sydney when we arrive.... Read more >

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