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overthinking in Nazca

PERU | Tuesday, 25 May 2010 | Views [852]

Nazca is famous for the misterious Nazca lines, huge drawings made from precolumbian cultures, dating from 500 years b.c. They were discovered only when comercial flights started to operate on the area, as these lines can hardly be recognized from the ground... local people mistook them for paths.
The Nazca lines, from 10 to 30 centimeters deep, surprisingly survided to erosion... the climate in Nazca definetly helped, but scientists doubt that climate alone could explain it... many theories try to explain their origin and purpose, some of them argue their purpose as religious, others social, others astronomical, others even argue extraterrestrial influence.
When I was in Nazca, I knew I would head to Lima, but after that... I had just 3 weeks left in South America.... I wanted to go to the Amazon, see north of Peru, go to Galapagos, and properly see Ecuador mainland.... and I realized that it was just not possible to fit all in.... I had to priorize and plan a route... and I kept thinking... way too much... I was too attached to my original idea of visiting all those places, I could not help it... I wished I could do it all...
My intuition told me that Galapagos should be out, because visiting it required the most of time, 8 days being lucky.... and that meant taking out north of Peru... and passing by Ecuador quickly without seeing much, or take out the Amazon jungle... Moreover, the Galapagos are very expensive, and the euro drop is not helping either... I really wanted to go to Galapagos, but not at the expense of removing north of Peru and Ecuador.... My intuition resolved the problem in a few seconds, but I could not make a decision for 3 or 4 days... and I kept thinking, unable to arrive to a conclusion, unhappy for moments... like a kid when he doesn't have what he wants...
Most of people don't have the oportunity to travel, and I was unhappy just deciding where to travel... thinking this way helped, but it didn't fully solve the problem... even when I flew over the Nazca lines, a flight of 30 minutes for 50 euros, for a few moments I thought about my itinerary... that was nonsense!
But some time later I finally realized what was going on in my head... the root problem was my attachment to see it all...  In fact, seeing the root problem proved to be the solution of it... as I saw I was wrong, my attachment dismissed... and I could finally accept reality as it was... I trusted my intuition and moved on... and then I could enjoy and be happy travelling again... and in the way, I hope I've learned something for next time.
If we have a problem, we need to look at it and understand it... As someone said, "the problem is the solution"...

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