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getting wet at Iguazu Falls

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 27 March 2010 | Views [1964] | Comments [3]

At Iguazu Falls, it happened to be a rainy day... the rain was so strong that even the corridor of my hostel was flood!.. but I could not do much apart from going to see the Falls... so, I bought a raincoat, or rather... a rain plastic, and I went for it!... I really enjoyed the falls... the falls were really impresive, you could experience as if the earth was alive, and even wonder if the rain was even making the falls stronger that day...

However, I got water all over!... already being next to the falls you are likely to get wet... but this day I was as well exposed to strong rain and wind... and so was the case for my camera...

By the time I reached the most impressive part of the falls, my camera was dead... so at that time I had a bit of mixed feelings. On one hand, I had no camera... on the other hand, I was in front of one of the most impresive things I had seen in my life...

Once I left, my shoes were completely soaked... and that reminded me of one saying I saw once while hiking.. "if you love your shoes more than the path, there is no point on walking"... then I was very happy to apply the same for my camera.. thinking "if I love my camera more than my trip, there is no point on travelling"...

When I arrived to the hostel, I put my shoes to dry, and for the next day, I walked with my flip-flops. Unfortunately, I walked at the same pace as if I had my normal shoes... pretty fast trying to see many things. Doing so, I injured my right foot..

Two days after the Iguazu Falls, my shoes were still very wet and I had to walk half-injured in flip-flops, and my camera didn't work properly so I couldn't take good fotos... then, I realized that... even if I don't need to love my shoes, I need shoes... and even if I don't need to love my camera, I need a camera for my travelling...

That was the right way to look at things!... the right balance, the right perspective for those few material things we need... Then I asked at the hostel to put my shoes exposed to the sun.. they dried in half a day... and I went to buy a new camera. All of that, while walking slowly and happily, caring for my injury... and appreciating quietly the nice city of Salta, at its own pace...





El papel de periódico suele absorber muy bien la humedad... si metes papel dentro de tus zapatos y los vas cambiando, tus zapatos se suelen recuperar antes que si los dejas sin nada al sol...

Vigila los pies!!! aunque queden mal visualmente si vas con sandalias y tienes que andar mucho lo mejor es llevar calcetines... :)

que envidia de viaje!!!
disfruta a tope!!!!
Buen Camino!!!


  raquel Mar 27, 2010 8:19 PM


Gracias Raquel! Ya lo se para la proxima vez... lo bueno de que me pasen estas cosas, es que a palos el burro aprende.. :)

  julio_martinez Mar 28, 2010 4:34 AM


Master, veo que lo estás pasando de lujo, y que te vas sobreponiendo a los inconvenientes del camino. De momento llevas lo mejorcito de Argentina, por lo que me han comentado varias personas que han pasado una larga temporada por allí, así que como sigas a este ritmo, te fundirás el mundo este añito ;).

Un abrazo.

  Milhaud Apr 5, 2010 9:30 AM



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