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Josh and Shona's Excellent Adventure

Photos: Salmon Fishing

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 2 Jan 2013 | Photo Gallery

A fish farm where you get fish. Guaranteed.
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Salmon Fishing in the Takaka

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 23 Dec 2012 | Views [372]

No, its not déjà vu. I have featured catching salmon in a previous story. But this little tale is completely different. For starters its in a different hemisphere, in South Island New Zealand.  Over the Takaka Hill highway ... Read more >

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Photos: Whakapapa Ski Field

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 1 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

Ski Trip on Mt Ruapehu
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Whakapapa : Whakayeah.

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 30 Jun 2012 | Views [889]

The following story has been the result of too much happening too quickly to justify using just a lame status update. Instead, I've really got to explain all of what happened on the 30th June 2012 with a touch of detail. As most are aware, I love ... Read more >

Tags: ruapehu, skiing

A dash through Vietnam

VIETNAM | Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 | Views [613]

In the socialist republic of Vietnam, facebook is blocked. Yes, socialist may be in the title, but it was still a slightly communist Vietnam that greeted us. And in the Northern capital of Hanoi, there was no doubt who won the war. But Vietnam is more ... Read more >

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A few words on Singapore

SINGAPORE | Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 | Views [621]

Having only spent a day or two in Singapore, I can't say I really got a real feel for the place, more like a quick grope. Initially the place concerned me. It appeared that Singapore was trying to its best to behave like a 14 year old girl. Endless ... Read more >

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Campaigning for Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Monday, 27 Feb 2012 | Views [608]

Cambodia, it will bring a tear to your eye. Maybe cause I bit into an inconspicuous chilli, or perhaps its the horrific details of the genocide the country suffered, or the still visible exploitation of young children, but the country will drive itself ... Read more >

Tags: cambodia, land mines

Do's and Dont's of Australia

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 13 Aug 2011 | Views [521]

Do touch the animals: The native fauna of Australia is the most bizarre in the world. Egg laying milk feeding poisonous warm blooded marsupials, yep we got them. If you want to see a kangaroo, then do you want to see a little fella ... Read more >

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Photos: We went the wrong way

FRANCE | Friday, 12 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

Vancouver to Auckland - the long way
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The Impossible

FRANCE | Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 | Views [634] | Comments [1]

To summarise the 5 weeks of our return from Vancouver to Auckland is like reading the blurb of a good book and saying that's that. So here's my blurb. Actually, a blurb may not be necessary, 3 words is all I need. New. York. City. Arrival into NYC ... Read more >

Photos: Those French Canadiens

CANADA | Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 | Photo Gallery

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A night out on the town.

USA | Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 | Views [541]

In the inspiring city of Montreal, Shona and I had the pleasure of a fancy dinner at The Fairmont Hotel. We had the cash to splash (well actually a gift card) but our wardrobe selection was a limited affair. Sadly, the tie and jacket recommendation ... Read more >

No more camping.

USA | Wednesday, 13 Oct 2010 | Views [530] | Comments [2]

Thought I better finish the camping adventure story, now that I've started to heal the mental wounds that only living in a tent for 5 weeks can make. After the Rockies, our final "big destination" was Yellowstone National Park. This was, ... Read more >

Just for Laughs

CANADA | Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 | Views [614]

Josh and I were walking back from old town in Montreal, when someone came running across the street clip board in hand.  wanting us to do a survey, explaining that we had to answer questions separately and if we got 5 of the same answers right we would ... Read more >

Photos: Yogi, Moose and boiling Mud

USA | Tuesday, 21 Sep 2010 | Photo Gallery

Yellowstone National Park
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Photos: Its not all about the Rockies

CANADA | Tuesday, 21 Sep 2010 | Photo Gallery

our 8 days in the Canadian Rockies
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Its not all about the Rockies

CANADA | Saturday, 11 Sep 2010 | Views [488]

“ How were the Rockies? ” and with a deep breath, some awkward facial expresssions and hand gestures I do my best to say something nice. For you se as we head out of Canada, we've clocked up over 5000km of driving and seen so, so much. There was ... Read more >

Photos: Haines is Awesome

USA | Wednesday, 8 Sep 2010 | Photo Gallery

Bear city can also be called Haines
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Haines : Mudslides and Moose Poo

USA | Wednesday, 8 Sep 2010 | Views [566]

The Alaskan city of Haines has left an unforgettable imprint and further fueled my love of Alaska. Delivered via our ferry through the inside passage in a blured mix of weariness and excitement, the eye widenning granduer of the Takshanuk Mountains greeted ... Read more >

Photos: Terry takes Monty up the inside passage

USA | Saturday, 28 Aug 2010 | Photo Gallery

our trip on BC Ferries and the Alaska Marine Highway
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