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goat burgers

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 17 June 2008 | Views [671] | Comments [3]

dear all,

We have now moved on from london and are staying with amys second cousin in doncaster, which is just to the east on manchester.but before we arrived here...not much actually..

spent several afternoons in the park and some very interesting things have been happening at the park lately!its not a big park, but its right on the river thames (if ur a monger like me u'd pronounce thames as its spelt but its actually pronounced temms, thats why i'd never heard of a river thames in london!) , its all green grass with little gardens and a few token bums sleeping surrounded by their beer cans. On saturday we had lunch at a great place called wetherspoons which is kinda pub-ish crossed with an RSL, it has the cheapest food!we had burger, chips and a pint of cider/beer all for 4.59pounds!thats cheap, and as long as u dont mind the waitress that dosnt speak english or the chef who forgets to add your yorkshire pudding to your cheap sunday roast even though he has been making them all day, then its not a bad place for a feed. It also introduced me to a great english drink..Pimms, im not actually to sure what its made of, i think gin and citrus?but u mix it with lemonade and add mint and a slice of lemon and its really good.

anyway, back to the park..we ended up meeting back up with a chick we met on paros in the greek islands,she is australian but teaching in england. We all went to primark which is kinda like kmart but only with the clothes and theyre really good clothes not dorky kmart stuff. Amy has decided that its not always a good idea to go shopping after you have been drinking..shes not broke but shes been watching her money..she disappeared for a little while in primark and then returned with a big paper bag with a shirt and shoes in it..even though she has plenty of shoes, but they are really cute.so finally after her purchases we went to the park and laid in the sun, watched the bum restlessly sleeping under his doona and then slowly watched the big grey clouds come over and start to drop little rain drops on us..so we left the park. we were planning on going to a party in hyde park but cuz of the weather we decided not to, instead we watched ace ventura on the laptop.

We did go back to the park again though and by chance there happened to be a 'enviromentally friendly' festival on, so all our good grassy spots were taken up with second hand books, push bikes with no pedals, composting toilets and other stuff.there was a free concert but the guy singing made our ears hurt so we tuned out to that. we were told that the goat burgers were amazing..but sadly we chose to miss out on that one. One of the stalls was an older man doing hand wood turning and he had the cutest two king charles spaniels, i dont think i watched him wood turn for very long but i had a cuddle with his cute dogs, and their sookiness is definately in their breed because they were just as sooky as darcy is.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our dingy hostel, we left the pot we bought because the kitchen had no utensils for someone like us who dosnt travel with a portable utensil kit. Said goodbye to tash who is going to scotland to work for the summer. We left from victoria coach station and went all the way up to Doncaster, took 5 hours, the bus was a little uncomfortable and we got stuck in front of a little boy who went to the toilet no less then 10 times, spilt his drink everywhere and repeated the chorus "its too late to apologize" really loudly til his mum told him to stop so then he started whispering it and just got louder and louder and then he'd be told to be quiet and the whole routine would start again..great.

Were staying in Doncaster til thursday and will prob do a day trip to york on one of the days, on thursday night going to leeds with amys second cousins-louise and elise and then spending the day at altona towers!a theme park!yay, lost of rollercoasters and apparently a ride like the giant drop but u face the ground as ur going down..eew. also going to elises house warming party in manchester on the weekend.

There are two funny cats here..one had an accident and only has half a tail and  the other is a big fluffy thing that likes sleeping in the pot plants and they both like following us around.

The job hunting had begun, now we just have to pick where we want to work. We have found two live in jobs for three people, one is in the lake district near lake windermere and the other is in oxford. they are both looking for people so we just need to decide where we want to end up.easy peasy..will let u know where weve picked when weve decided, i think were leaning towards the lake district because it would be so pretty. they are only summer/temporary jobs so its nothing long term so if it turns out bad at least we wont be there for that long.

About to go down and have breakfast and its going to be toast and vegemite!yay, without a toaster ive missed toast for breakfast. Will prob then go for a walk into town, i need more undies because strangely i started with8 pairs and now im down to 5 and i have no idea where theyve all gone, kinda strange, but anyway we will be off to primark!

love to all, hope the week is going ok.

love jess xoxoox




Hi Amy Jess Dan
Glad you made it to Donny, why don't you visit the house we grew up in at 3 Cheviot Drive Scawthorpe just a short bus ride from Elise's in Doncaster. Or you could contact Roy and get the cooks tour Remember Dad's open top car trip to York!!!!
I'm on a Legals course at the moment and doing very badly on the exams each night (hopefully if I fail I'll get the sack)!!!
The Lake District job sounds great but it can be pretty boring there but a great idea to get jobs that are not tying you down.
Spoke to Grandad Sunday and hes excited about you getting closer, make sure you ring him as soon as you think your close hes happy to have you all.

Better go this k keeps dropping out Luv Mum xxxx

  joy Jun 17, 2008 10:30 PM


Hi everybody, great to see and speak to you all on Saturday, you all look well and having fun.We both like the Lake District very pretty, but not a lot doing there, Oxford is also lovely and ofcourse has the big Uni there so I would say a lot more life with more things to do, but if youare working you might not have a lot of time to 'play' personnally I would go for Oxford to stay & the Lakes to visit perhaps for a weekend.Luv to all have a good time in Manchester G'ma and G'pa

  val and mick Jun 18, 2008 1:23 PM


Jess just a quick P S you really must go to York see the wall and the cathedral also the town is very unique well worth a visit and if you can get the tour bus and it is not to expensive now do it love Gpa xoxo

  val and mick Jun 18, 2008 1:29 PM

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