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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF JESS & DAN back on the road again...

days in london

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 13 June 2008 | Views [652] | Comments [4]

dear all,

i just went through and read some of the blogs i wrote..really sorry, most of them are so all over the place and some dont even make any sense.sorry, from now on i will try to write with a little order not just random bits and pieces that get stuck together..will also try to make sense and keep to normal english spelling and sentence rules..i blame the keyboards.

anyways, back to our happenings in london, still at the same hostel with the weird men all hanging around. Last night a couple tried to convince us to let someone sneak through our window and then sleep on the floor of our room because we think they got kicked out of their room..we answered..sure why not, we dont mind having a bum sleeping on our floor and sneaking off with all our things in the middle of night..so obviously we said no.i like our room free of street bums.

On monday we visited the imperial war museum, includes huge displays of war planes, tanks and guns.Also had a very moving holocaust display as well as a secret service display, walked through a trench from WW1, experienced a blitz (bombing) of london during WW2. There were things moving and sounds and heaps to see. We spent 5 hours in the museum and didnt even see everything, its a very impressive museum. The best part about museums in london is that they are FREE!its great for budget travellers.

Yesterday dan and i visited Hamleys, the biggest toy store in london. Its a huge toystore and i had to drag dan away. Whilst riding the underground train guess who we saw riding the train with his wife?

an ex-prime minister?

guessed it?

jeff kennet and his wife!even politicians ride the london underground. he definately looks alot older and fatter then i remember or what i've seen on the news.

We also then visited the British  museum, which has awesome egyptian displays, contains nearly all the greek sculptures from the parthenon at the acropolis in athens. Back in the 1800s a british diplomat took the sculptures back to london. Theres alot of argument about who rightfully should have the sculptures, and i think that the bare parthenon with out the sculptures dosnt really make sense.The bare stucture is a kinda ugly without the huge sculptures that go all the way around. note to all planning on visiting london museums: if visiting on weekdays you will be stuck with school excursion groups and the kiddys get a little excited without mummies and get way too excited and run around spako..highly annoying.

We booked tickets in advance for the london production of the musical wicked. They were only 20 pound each which was the cheapest we could go. The seats were at the back but the theatre was steep enough that we didnt miss anything. The production was awesome, we were laughing the entire way through.It tells the story of the good witch and the wicked witch before and during the wizard of oz..turns out they use to be friends.Its an awesome production..dan even loved it,and we want to go back again, so if you ever get the chance to see it definately go see it.

Today started a little late..after over 2 months of no work and no set schedules our days are a little lazy and spontaneous.We decided to go to the science museum-another free museum, Like the imperial war museum its massive and full of school kids. We spent another 5 hours there today and saw all things space, energy, materials, boats and cars etc. The best fun we had was in the kids section making bubbles, playing with blocks, doing puzzles and other kiddy activities..it was great. From the science museum we then visited harrods- the huge department store with everything expensive. We wandered through gucci and dior and then decided we would go back to shopping at primark and H&M (dans tshirt was only 7pound). A plus was that we got free perfume sample little bottle, which is good for us smelly people.

Today the weather was a little more london-ish..was cold and rained on and off all day.generally miserable.the heatwave is over and now this is more typical london weather apparently.

love to all, enjoy the weekend.

bassos, hope u enjoy ur first weekend in your new house. sorry not there to help out..i remember u helping at our house moving.

love jess xoxox



hey guys...well sounds like london is lots of fun...very jealous..especially of the short lived heat wave...lol silly pommies 27 isn't a heat wave...
oh i'd like to point out the randomness of the blog makes for an interesting read and i like the 'i'm writing things as they come into my head' style of writing!!
anyway i leave on tuesday!! yeah!!! exciting!!
love to you all
loz xoxo

  Lauren Jun 13, 2008 11:21 AM


Hey! Jess haven't had time for a couple of weeks to check out your blog. Ernie is a well travelled young man as Mat also took Ernie to Africa. Luckily Jeremy and Tim were able to bring him home with them. So we have him here with us now(must be his twin???). You guys sound like you are having the best time so keep going as life is precious and having fun is what it is all about. Enjoyed breaky yesterday with your Mum, Gai & Sue for your mums birthday which was nice. 2 more weeks until the end of term YIPPEE! looking forward to it. Then I go back for for 4 days then off to the US. This year is whizzing by so quickly. Well must away and do boring housework. Take care. Cheers! Brenda X

  Brenda Jun 15, 2008 10:52 AM


hey guys!!
sounds like you are having an amazing time..i'm super jealous..everyone i know is going away on holidays..
im thinking of hitting europe after finishing uni, so you'll have to let me know all the good places!
keep having a blast,
love bel
ps was a little surpised to see you refusing floor space for bums who want to steal your stuff..why on earth not?!!

  Bel Jun 16, 2008 12:21 PM


OH I MISS YOU SO MUCH JESS... I've been counting down the days until i see you again...

Amy... you're a loser...

Hi Dan!

Hope ya's are all havin fun times! Reads like you are! ;)

All the best!


  James Jun 17, 2008 5:51 PM

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