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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF JESS & DAN back on the road again...


AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 19 June 2008 | Views [614] | Comments [2]

first of all, the daylight hours here are doing funny things to my head, it dosnt get dark until 10.30pm and then its bright again at around 4.30am..its crazy and its not even the middle of summer yet.its just feels funny eating dinner when its still light and waking up and thinking its time to get up but its really still way too early to get up..so then we keep going back to sleep and then realising that its 10am and really time to get up.

Today louise drove us to york. I tried to upload some photos, but the website is being funny and i could only get three up.We drove to york, and walked around the gardens with the ruined cathedral, a church from 1055 and then up onto the york wall, which was built to protect the city. There still remains the little windows with shutters that protected the archers.

From there we had cornish pasties for lunch and kept wandering around the town. Saw the beautiful york minster, which can be seen from every point in the city. Then visited the york dungeons, which is a ghost house mixed with history waxed models and scary people jumping out. Us three girls were holding hands thru the dark bits..there was a 7 year old braver then us. Had sections on the plague, torture, hangings,never ending tunnels and guy fawkes. Guy fawkes tried to blow up parliament with his mates but was busted, he was then tortured for 10 days but never gave up the names of his co-conspirators, so the king ordered him to be hung and then have his bits chopped off and burnt in front of him, and then just ot finish him off ordered his insides to be taken outside and then burnt in front of him aswell..nice.And then even after he was dead his body was to be quatered..real nice.

Im sitting at louises..she's at work at the emergency call centre. I have one big black cat sitting on my lap thats sooky as, everytime i pat it he bringshis head towards my hand so ill scratch his chin.his keeping me warm though because its a little chilly.

All the job hunting got exciting, but we havnt heard yet from the place that we applied for in the lakes district so were just waiting at the moment.

love u all





Hi Jess I Loved Pimms when I was a young 'thing' but I don't remember mixing it with lemonade mint and lemon! But I enjoyed it. When you go across to Manchester you will go thru or pass around the top of the Peak District very pretty. Have you been into Marks & Spencers yet? Used to have nice undies, but I think they are a little expensive now. Have you shopped in Sainsbury's yet, supermarket, we used to do all our shopping there, quite a few around I believe. Enjoy Manchester...... Luv to all G'ma &G'Pa

  val and mick Jun 19, 2008 9:59 AM


Hey England Travellers

Just read about 5 of your blogs in a row - great readings! Glad you enjoyed Imperial War Museum, I hope my recomendation was worth it. Loved your Pimms cocktail too - was at a bar the other day and tried it - not too bad! And have you done much foord shopping at Tesco's - Tesco's saved my budget in London and it was really good!

Have a good one, im going to buy a webcam in Thailand (i leave in 6 Days) so hopefully we can skype some time!

Ciao - B!

  Brenton Millott Jun 20, 2008 10:10 PM

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