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A Wee Curse... OR My Nemesis - Eddie the Eagle

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 23 February 2010 | Views [650] | Comments [2]

T'was the week before my birthday (mark your calendars... I'm expecting gifties :P) and all through the house everything was breaking, even a... mouse? OK, fear not, we are not living amongst any dead mice and I'm not going to become the next Shell Silverstein anytime soon. But seriously I think that Hannah and I are cursed - since we have moved into Jo's house her washing machine, TV and bathroom door have all mysteriously broken! (Well, to be fair the bathroom door wasn't really a mystery as it was the victim of a Chuck Norris roundhouse delivered by our very own delicate petal Hannah) Not only that, we were almost duped by an internet scammer who tried to swindle us! Apparently it is all the rage in Nigeria to go on gumtree.com (a Craig's List type internet classifieds site) and pose as a landlord who is doing business in France and needs you to send a Western Union money transfer to your flatmate to prove you have the funds to rent the flat - then print off the receipt and collect the money for yourself!! We narrowly avoided being fleeced but someone needs to get these guys some Tamagochis to play with - now there was a victimless fad. Continuing with this paranormal yarn, on Saturday night we went on a ghost tour of Edinburgh which was amazing fun. The tour guide was really funny and knowledgeable and nothing will ever beat hearing Hannah's girly screams nor mend the broken bones in my left hand. If you ever find yourself in Edinburgh go on this tour, it's awesome.

A quick note on the Olympics - No one and I seriously mean no one in the UK gives a hoot about the winter Olympics. Now I know they suck at most winter sports (and coping with winter weather - i.e. the large scale freak out over 3inches of snow that immobilized the nation) and God forbid their attention be slightly diverted from the fanaticism of football fandom, but they have never even heard of Michelle Kwan?? Seriously?! So you can imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking it is as a card-carrying Olympics fan (let alone Winter Olympics where the world's greastest sport - yeah I went there - FIGURE SKATING is heavily featured) in the year that Canada is the host, to be in a country that is openly apathetic toward the games. And the time difference is a crippling 8 hours which means that I have to try and record the highlight reel before I go to bed which never has the events I want, or attempt to stream it online the next day after reading about it on the CBC at work. Don't get wrong, I love this place - I'll just love it more when the Olympics are over. No joke, if I hear someone talk about "Eddie the Eagle" one more time I'm packing my bags and heading home... Or jumping in a Loch. Aye.

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Emma! I am mightily surprised to hear you advocating a ghost tour after being thoroughly terrified of the ghost tour in Kingston - unless Kingston is just that much scarier than Edinburgh! haha!! :)
Also, we have lots of Olympic pride over here - come back and watch with me <3

  Bec Feb 24, 2010 10:11 AM


Emma ,don't mock our national hero "Eddie the Eagle " he was a symbol of hope for us all !
Lots of pride here for the Olympics but I have to say if i hear "Oh Canada " sung once more today I will start wearing ear muffs !.Seriously we have really enjoyed the games , Mark even watched the curling....... but the men's gold in hockey was a great way for the games to finish especially as they beat USA! now you have to leave winter sports and become a football supporter !

  sue Mar 1, 2010 1:53 PM

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