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The Awesome Adventures of Hannah and Emma

Living in Bonnie Scotland OR How Saying 'Aye' Makes You Sound Like A Seagull From "Finding Nemo"

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 15 February 2010 | Views [1439] | Comments [4]

Hello Friends!

We seriously neglected this blog given the craziness of the last few months, but have no fear, as I am still currently unemployed, running out of things to do, and desperately requiring some intellectual stimulation (that does not include watching Countdown at 3 p.m everyday) I have taken up the torch. Ergo, the blog is being revived.

Emma has joined the land of the employed and is slaving away in the offices of HSBC between the hours of 9 and 5. Much to my dismay, but a positive addition to her bank account. Which, we don't actually have yet since arriving in the UK. Its a long story, but for future reference, if you want anything in England/Scotland/Ireland or Wales, have proof of residence. Its been the bane of our lives.

Apart from this slight hiccup, things have been going amazingly well. Edinburgh is a beautiful city located between the highlands and the sea. It is, as Emma says, very "old timey". But we love it and have been living up to our true traveling potential by discovering different areas of the city. You know, a nice walk up the Royal Mile, an energetic jaunt up Arthur's Seat and a good deal of purchasing bottles of wine and watching t.v- but hey, its our life.

Many things that I didn't think of as remotely strange or weird have been brought to my attention by my born and bred Canadian gal pal as we have turned our attentions to taking over the UK. Some of which I think should be shared with our followers.....(Dear God, thank you for still reading this!)

1. Scottish people like to say "aye". Its hilarious yet frustrating at the same time.

2. Football (or soccer) is not just a sport here. Its a religion. Its a reason to live (or die, if you are into finding out about soccer hooliganism- a la Green Street Hooligans featuring Elijah Wood which we highly recommend)

3. The British boy band JLS are pretty much the coolest thing we have seen since SMAP in Japan. And that's saying a lot. Sometimes its nice to see choreographed dances again. Its very 90s.

4. Emma's hand signing version of "peace out" comes across as the British version of "f**ck off"

5. What's the deal with everyone's hair being dyed some sort of red tinge in Edinburgh? Seriously...its tacky.

6. One of Emma's greatest ambitions is to be called a "canny lassie" by my Grandpa. Its happened. No big deal.

7. So You Think You Can Dance UK is not as good as the U.S version. Sorry guys, its just not. And you copy dances from the U.S version. You cannot get anything by us.

8. Chocolate. The chocolate here is fantastic. Make no mistake, Canada, you are missing out.

9. Did we mention the old timey buildings????

10. Stereotypes: Scotland isn't as cold as everyone says it is. And it hasn't even rained that much since we have been here. But people do drink a lot of tea. We are averaging about four cups a day.

Don't worry, Canada, we do miss you. You know, the -30 temperatures, good awful amounts of snow and the Olympic craziness ....hmm maybe not so much. However, Tim Hortons and Alexander Keith, if you do make your way over the pond, please get in touch. I miss you dearly.

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Amazing dude. I laughed, I cried, I wished I wasn't at work...

The incessant use of "aye" and the fact that all the old timey buildings can get confusing is definately counterbalanced by the insanely good-looking Scottish rugby team (they're well fit, yeh)

Aye, it's BRILLIANT here!!

  Emma Feb 16, 2010 12:04 AM


Send some of the chocolate to me! Love the blogs... keep them up! Especially since we all know that you (Hannah) are still unemployed.

  Shannon Feb 16, 2010 6:28 AM


Glad to see you girls back in the blog. P-Chan skates tomorrow Emma....

  Heather Sako (Mumsey) Feb 16, 2010 12:53 PM


still following .... and still jealous. Jealous of the old timey buildings!! and the red hair dye .... and football as a religion!? and good the good chocolate !!
fail on So you think you can dance ... both versions are pitty ....

  Bobby Feb 22, 2010 5:48 PM

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