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Drama Weekend

ARGENTINA | Monday, 10 March 2008 | Views [619]

Friday was relatively calm compared to Saturday.  I got to sleep in before going to the Public University to enroll.  Getting to the university from my house involved a lot of walking, the subway, and a bus.  Getting enrolled was another fiasco.  I asked the information desk 3 times where I needed to go and every time the same old woman told me something different and wrong. Finally another exchange student called a friend already inside the correct room to figure out where to go.  I get in the room and there are tons of people and a bunch of different forms scattered everywhere without any instruction.  I ask around and realize that they are out of one of the forms I needed.  I improvised and got everything figured out in the end but the whole process really discouraged me from taking a class there.  What’s even more discouraging is that the class I am interested in taking there, Social Geography of Argentina, meets from 5-9  Friday nights.  Once that was over I was in a happy mood because a couple people asked me for directions and I actually knew the answer and there was also an excellent musician in the subway.  After dinner I had plans to go to a movie with Carolina (my friend from Santa Cruz, Bo).  The hour bus from my house to Recoleta was pleasant because there was a fairly talented musician playing chacarrara. Carolina and I ended up not making it in time to see the movie so we went to Plaza Cerrano where we shared a few chelas with some American friends I’ve met through my exchange program.

Saturday I woke up in the afternoon (I’m starting the get good at that) and went to Carolinas place for awhile and then headed over to Erika’s.  From there the drama began.  I began my usual texting frenzy to see who wanted to go out with us (here calling from cell to cell is just as expensive as calling the US, so texting here is how business is done). I got a variety of responses that all in some way denied the invitation. One suggested a sketchy alternative and another sincerely frightened me.  My friend from Quilmes wrote me something to the effect of “my life is a mess I’m going to end it, good buy forever, take care of yourself”  I immediately called and got no answer, but got a response from a text message telling me to call back in an hour. Luckily when I called back in an hour there was an answer it turns out the desperation stems from money issues and not finding a job.  I’ve been slightly tormented by this, but there’s nothing I can do.  Meanwhile I’m dealing with this, Erika’s ex boyfriend (el gordo) begins to call non-stop, extremely drunk, and with no reasoning ability.  The phone is ringing off the hook and before too long he’s at the front door of the apartment building ringing the bell non-stop, then he begins to call my cell phone because we disconnected the home phone.  Erika’s roommate goes down to talk to him, but cannot talk any sense into him.  After awhile I was ready to call the cops, but Erika was afraid of causing more drama.  We turn the music up to drown out all the ringing phones and doorbells and finally he leaves.  With all that behind us, we begin the night sharing a couple drinks before we go to the discoteca.  The discoteca we went to, Sunset, was extremely far away but was fun because it actually played reggaeton instead of techno.  The night ended earlier than expected (Erika was dying for a hamburger) but I still slept until 1:00pm the next day and accomplished nothing.  I visited my friends in recoleta and was back in time for dinner.

A special note about dinner in Argentina: Beef is always what’s for dinner. So far I have only had two home cooked dinners that did not include beef. I think the lady I live with must be a good cook, because usually I hate steak and I think its pretty good here.             


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