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The World According to Spaz The ramblings of a man from a place going to another place completely different to the first place.

Prognosis: World Cup Fever

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 23 Jun 2006 | Views [1465]

Yes that's right, it's the obligatory world cup post. I'm sure ever blogger sitting on his or her purdy white iBook is currently waxing poetic about "the world game" and that I am only adding more salt to the wound, but god damnit at this point I'm far ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

The Traveller

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 10 Jun 2006 | Views [714] | Comments [1]

Travelling has never really appealed to me, and after my last two quick jaunts to Norway and France, a highly odd couple if you asked me, I’ve been trying to understand exactly what has been holding me back, and the conclusion that I came to is something ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

RE: Ni Hao!

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 19 May 2006 | Views [589]

Not that I want to brag or anything, but I totally rule when it comes to emails. Some of the stuff I've written to mates and friends, even people I hardly know or even like, is, to be blunt, Pulitzer material. I often imagine the scene when someone ... Read more >

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Five things I learned about London this week

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 11 May 2006 | Views [640] | Comments [1]

1. As far as I can decipher, London has no native insects. None. Presumably the legendary fierce wrath of the English summer might lure a few stragglers, but I can't really see myself rushing out to track down mozzie coils and aeroguard any time soon.... Read more >

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Dead man working

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 30 Apr 2006 | Views [1272] | Comments [1]

The great thing about not working, apart from the fact that you are not working, is that you have the time and the energy to maintain a healthy web journal about how much time you have to maintain a healthy web journal now that you're not working. It's ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

A new dawn

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 17 Apr 2006 | Views [591]

Note to self: when long weekends pop up, don't spend them in London, cause no one else does. The place is a ghost town. Hardly any shops are open, only a handful of wayward cars patrol the streets, hell I can't even get stopped on a high street by a charity ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Room and bored

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 15 Apr 2006 | Views [581]

Not that I don't love spending three weeks sleeping on the floor of my mate's bedroom, comparing snoring patterns and giving him tips on what to wear in the morning, but sometime the good times just have to end and you need to leave the party before ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Brain and position vacant

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 12 Apr 2006 | Views [680]

The other day we were in The Gap or something and Handsome Dan wanted to know what size the belt on the mannequin was. I never thought I was such a homophobe, because I nearly gagged undoing it. I sat through the whole of Brokeback Mountain watching ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

The honeymoon is over

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 5 Apr 2006 | Views [577]

It's a funny thing, comfort zone. When you're in it you're constantly wishing for more challenges, wanting to be thrust out of it so you can feel like you're in control, that you can overcome any adversity because I AM MIDDLE CLASS HEAR ME ROAR PLEASE ... Read more >

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Gallery: First impressions of London

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 30 Mar 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Five things I have learnt about London this week

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 30 Mar 2006 | Views [643]

1. When you are on an escalator at a tube station, stand on the right to allow others to pass. This is a practice vehemently adhered to by the locals. If there were escalators in Elizabethan times, there probably would have been an "off with your ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Walk the line

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 28 Mar 2006 | Views [528] | Comments [1]

If you know me, you'll know that I love walking like Superman loves Kryptonite sandwiches. People who walk everywhere are scum. They're fit. They're healthy. They smile all the time. They say things like "Oh I must tell you I feel SOOO much better ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Hopelessly devoted to tube

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 25 Mar 2006 | Views [511] | Comments [1]

You wanna know something? If the London Underground were to go toe to toe with CityRail, there'd be a lot of convict blood on the tracks. A lot of blood. The Tube dear readers, is bloody marvellous. Well, so far it's been good to me. I seem to have no ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

I wanna know what cold is, I want you to show me...

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 22 Mar 2006 | Views [722] | Comments [1]

Done some strange things in my time. Actually no I haven't, I'm particularly boring and normal. Which is why currently I'm going internally berzerk on the hour every hour wondering why I can't see the Harbour Bridge from my bedroom and why none of ... Read more >

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AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 16 Mar 2006 | Views [522]

Hi there. Welcome to the "blog". It's a very strange thing to write, some might say an even stranger thing to read. I write this accounting for the fact that hundreds of people may chance upon it and actually read it, yet prepare myself for the response ... Read more >

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