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Here We Go Rio!!

CHILE | Tuesday, 16 February 2010 | Views [880] | Comments [1]

As we landed in Rio the princesses looked for their Frog, Mr Amance. Made our way to Botafogo and tracked down our Frog and got the party started in Rio. Our queen sized blow up bed was waiting for us in Froggy’s apartment. Went for a bite to eat with Froggy and his flatmate Patrick, back to the apartment  and ten boys arrived for a big sing song, normally for us it’s the women that do all the singing, but there wasn’t a woman in sight apart from the two caspers. The party continued in Pista 3 (Rock club in Botafogo) where we danced the night away!!

Headed to Ipanema the following day where the two Caspers blended into the sand, it was only luck that people weren’t walking on top of us. Met up with Froggy’s  German friends who we immediately nicknamed Tschussie and Germany… We love to give our nicknames. We were lucky that customs hadn’t taken our sunblock, as it was well up in 40 degrees. In panic of turning into lobsters, we were covering ourselves in factor 30, and a random Brasilian guy told us the SECRET TRICK of getting a good tan, we were all ears listening for this Brasilian secret, which was:

For the first week wear factor 30

For the second week wear factor 20 

For the third week wear factor 10

And remember to always moisturise with aftersun!

WAAAAO, we were just amazed, what clever advise…

The carnival celebrations were starting around us, and after a day at the beach we met up with Leo and Angela, friends from our first trip. Went to a cocktail party in Angela’s hostel, where we made more friends, and we all went to Yellow Submarine (nightclub), and as we had nicknamed Froggy, Germany and Tschussie, we decided to give nicknames to some of the others too: Naked and James Welsh. At the end of the night Tschussie got very upset when we got mixed up with the names and called him Germany, when he corrected us and said ”I’m not Germany, I’m Tschussie”…

The Caspers, desperate for even a sign of a tan, went back to Ipanema beach the next day for round 2. Carnival celebrations were getting more intense, and the dollies decided to go for a wander, leaving Froggy on the beach, and got lost in the crowds while getting 5 engangement offers each, we were flourescent, and stood out like a shiny new pin among all the beautiful Brasilian people…  As promised to feed our Frog, we returned an hour and a half later armed with a hotdog for the starving Frog. He was nowhere to be seen… He had leapt off the beach and frigged off home, where he was waiting patiently for his princesses to return.

We left  for Sao Paulo and Florianopolis the following day… Stay tuned for more craic from the Posh Backpackers.



yo girls
apparently coca cola also helps w the tan, and carrot sun tan gives a golden tan, hehehehe
sounds hot hot hot, look forward to the update
dont forget my bikini
kississ enjoyyyyyyyyy

  joana Taya Feb 16, 2010 6:52 AM

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