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The Squatters!!!

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 26 March 2008 | Views [984] | Comments [2]

Looking hotter than ever there Gracie

Looking hotter than ever there Gracie

It did'nt take us long to get settled in our beautiful humble abode, we said we're in here now, we're not leaving and after 3 weeks all the gang in the house "INVITED" us to stay, with ten and a half Irish in the house, there's never a dry weekend!!!
Mt and Grace being entrenpreneurs back home............... hopped from job to job like little kangaroo's, could not settle and did'nt like being told what to do!!! We faked our C.V.'s deciding that bar work would be fun..... we lasted half a training day in jackson's on George, Like we're here for a good time not a long time and who wants to work in a 24 hour bar only weekends!!!
Next Job: Schenker: Depression City Boring Boring Boring!!! but at least we got to work together and enjoy the FREE latte's and cappuccino's
Next Job: Quay Bar and Admin for the Dean
Grace's day consists of 5 hours on bebo and facebook and at the end of the day having soar fingers from all the typing and at the end of the day stealing sweeties for MT
Mt's day consists of Breaking glasses and tripping over customers and answering questions like "Dont ye have coffee machines in Ireland and coctails"?. Over-pouring wine much to the managers disgust, but keep rocking on MT..................
Sorry we've been so slow up-dating the blogbut we've been very emotional the last couple of weeks, cause of all the different shifts we're on. After living in eachothers pockets for the last 4 1/2 months "Literally". Jayzus this is a test to our relationship!!! he he he he....
So used to having Sugardaddy's to take care of us we wondered when the next one would turn up and as sure as God he turned up in the form of "The Goochenator" After getting the foot in the door and 3 weeks later we were still in his room, while he had the couch. We allowed him to stay in the room every now and then on the condition he does'nt snore too loudly, as amazing as his voice is, his snoring leaves alot to be desired.......
Paddy's Day: The Strathfield family had an early night the night before Paddy's to prepare for the day ahead, everyone was tucked up in their beds by 11.00pm. Arose fresh and ready and after a family breakfast we started on the face and nail paints. All the girls with green finger nails and toe nails and the boyzzz with their drinking hand only painted...... Headed for the city ready for war!!! watched a few minutes of the Parade and headed for the pub, Grace and Mt painted more nails and faces of random strangers and met plenty of admirers along the way. Mt and Grace left the family (who were in tears) to go off with 5 handsome Ozzies to a Rugby match, enjoyed somemore beers and Rugger Buggers chasing an oval ball in hotpants. Finished off the celebrations with more beers, Riverdance and lotsa the Music Man in Hero's bar and the Mercantile...........
Easter: Since our families back home did'nt send us an easter egg, we took matters into our own hands and organized Kris Kringle. All the family pulled names from a hat and bought eachother easter eggs. The eggs were placed under the Christmas Tree thats still up in the sittingroom.
Good Friday: We went to Manly to meet up with our amazing friend Skippy and other friends and had a beautiful diner with some Red wine over-looking the beach aaaaahhhh bliss......
Easter Saturday: Decided to have a sensible night out at the Bowling Alley with the famil, divided ourselves into two teams, the single ones and the couple's, our team being named "nobody wants us" and the couples being named "somebody wants us"...... Guess which one the entertainers were on!! But of course the singles have more fun and we became the champions in the bowling alley that night!!! our moto that night was "normally we're crap, but sometimes we just get lucky" Our sensible night ended up being a wild one back at the house, the music by DJ Smut and Riverdance by Grace and The Goochenator, Oh what a show!!!  Michael Flately and Jean Butler eat your heart out......
Easter Sunday: started with a beautiful home-cooked roast beef diner with the family and then some drinks at the Opera bar with Skippy, Ciara and Dan with his rusty rope and continued onto a barbie/coctail party, where the Mo-Gee-Toe's were back in action yum yum!!!
Bye for now and we'll try to keep up the entertainment, which we're sure we will..............



guys you are rocking for sure! its good to know that your spirits are high and happy. kississs

  joana Taya Mar 28, 2008 5:28 AM


hey you !!! MT in the house huh? awesome stuff..am so happy for you..i am travelling too..next month..in europe..miss you there.
love and kisses
avi xxx

  Avi Mar 28, 2008 3:07 PM

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