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Posh Backpackers On Wheels Grace and Marie Therese's Round-the-World Adventure

Hanging with celebrities in Kiwi land

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 11 February 2008 | Views [901] | Comments [2]

And even more competition

And even more competition

Boooohooooohooooo we were soo sad to leave South America... Landed in Auckland to be greeted by the grumpiest biaaaaatch on a complete powertrip telling us how suspicious we looked! And how South America was so known for its "alcohol...ehm, uhm I mean drugs". Biiiiiaaaatch! Eventually they let the two suspicious posh backpackers through and our beautiful 'quarter of a limo' (and later to be named 'the onion box') was waiting for us. It was to be our transport and cama (bed) for the next 12 days... We headed off on our roadtrip, sure it was like driving along the coast of Norway and Mountain Stage. Roadkill ---> 2 rabbits...

A week later, tired of 'Mountain Stage' we headed for Sumner beach in Christchurch. One fine evening, just before Cama time, we sat out on the beach and whipped open a bottle of wine... And boy do we get good ideas after the vino! A local geriatric walking his dog passed by and started chatting telling us we really did have the life. Chatting away we grew very fond of the auld geriatric... and he invited us to join him and two possom hunter friends for some drinks down at the local pub. So an hour later we joined them and had the most fun and laughter. In the end they drove our car up from the beach and we stayed in his treehouse over from the house, accommodation all to ourselves with a beautiful view of the beach. The following day we arrived down for our eggs and toast, and were chatting away to the hunters for hours, and watching film crew after film crew arriving to the house to interview Robin Judkins (the auld geriatric), turns out he is a big celebrity in New Zealand organizing big events, coast to coast and iron man. He told us to stay again the next night, and to come and go as we pleased. The house - full of art, millions of dollars of art in EVERY room, and we told him we were going to steal it all and drive it away in our 'onion box'... next thing he hands us a spare key to the house and said "girls now you can have your own independence, come and go freely!" Lucky or what, eh!?!?

The hunters headed off to the mountains that day and Robin was like "Right girls, I'm bringing you out for dinner and drinks"...Fine by us! The following day we decorated our onion box for the arrival of the newlyweds Majella and Mark. Picked them up at the airport with a 'just married' poster on the back and cans of coke tied down with a string to the exhaust, and balloons flying around in the car. After filling them in on the story and our new sugar daddy they were invited to stay too - in the honeymoon suite... Mark, more or less believing us telling the story because he said we were mental enough to do it. Majella was taking the piss saying "Oh yeah, is Robin your little bird is he?".... Taking no notice we drove on laughing, and brought them to the castle. They too ended up staying for two nights. Had a beautiful posh dinner that night, cooked by the two posh heads, and headed for some vino at Wakefields, the local pub. Upset that we hadn't seen any haka performance, we decided to make up our own, so the 'komati' was flying, MT and Grace taking it very seriously rehearsing it into the early hours in the kitchen... We woke up the auld geriatric at 3 in the morning with what we thought was the 'silent haka'... We were whispering the words, but stamping our feet so the whole house was shaking. Away to the cama we went and snored ourselves into the next day...

The five of us headed off to the internationals registering day, and MT and Grace got the job to register the athletes... There we were sitting at the table meeting and greeting the internationals, while Majella and Mark were sunning themselves by the lake. At the round-up Robin gathered all the athletes and the sponsors, with two news channels filming him. Next thing he asks us join them, happy out we stood listening and then Robin said "And finally there are two very special girls I'd like you all to meet, they're Irish catholics, I picked them up on Sumner beach 3 days ago, and they have been staying at my house ever since..." MT and Grace looking at eachother in shock and burstout laughing...then he continued "last night they drank 3 bottles of wine and were roaring the haka in my kitchen, waking me up at 3 in the morning....So girls come here now and we'll do the haka for everyone here" We were bent over laughing and laughing, Robin was delighted after, saying it was great for his reputation, and MT replied "It's not good for ours...". So you've probably all seen us on the news doing the haka...??

Afterwards  the fab four headed for the beach chilling. Went to our local for dinner and vino again that night, and met two New Zealand rugby players, All Blacks!

So now we only hang with the crem de la crem... Don't forget to leave your comments, and stay tuned for the posh backpackers on tour with Iron Maiden...

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Bring me back an All Black... puuuurleeeaaaassseeee!

  Head Feb 13, 2008 9:44 PM


Being married to a complete footy head I will need the names of the all black players..so he can brag about it to his friends/dad :) U lucky little bastards!! :D

  Elin Feb 14, 2008 12:59 AM

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