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new blogspot

USA | Sunday, 19 Oct 2008 | Views [340]

go to edenyoon.blogspot.com for more updates on my travels. I like the format there better.

a school project? i can´t believe it

USA | Monday, 13 Oct 2008 | Views [365]

ok, so one of our girls from the crisis center elvira is studying to be an obstretician. did i spell that right, anyways, her class right now is studying anatomy and the bones. Here in Iquitos and the university they don´t have much access to cadavers, ... Read more >

the bicycle..not for the faint of heart

USA | Monday, 13 Oct 2008 | Views [435]

i thought it was funny that the people of peru here called diarhea the bicycle..back in the States i told them we call it the runs.  The other volunteers say it happens to everyone that comes here, and it´s just a matter of time..but yes, i did get the ... Read more >

Gallery: amazon cruise

PERU | Saturday, 11 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

our two day excursion on the amazon
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amazon cruising

USA | Saturday, 11 Oct 2008 | Views [493]

last week i went on a boat trip on what is the biggest river in south america, the Amazon. If there was one word to describe the Amazon, it would have to be BIG. noo..wait..wiiiiiiiiddeeeee. Yes, at times the river looked like it could be a lake, and ... Read more >

Playing Doctor

USA | Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | Views [443]

Last week was packed with so many stories and adventures. Sadly, I can´t remember most of them and I was too busy to jot something down last week. There were a few highlights that I will write about.             The biggest highlight I´d ... Read more >

Romeo Romeo que es tan feo

USA | Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | Views [1017]

            I´ve always wanted a pet monkey...be careful what you wish for. Romeo is our pet here at People of Peru Project. He was adopted by Risha Opp. Risha had to return back to the states, so she has left us responsible to ... Read more >

Gallery: Galvancitos

USA | Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

Our soccer team
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Los Galvancitos

USA | Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 | Views [430]

This past Sunday, on the 28th of September, there was a soccer tournament in one of the many Santo Tomas Futbal Tournaments that are held monthly. This was a special tournament in that it was the week of the village celebrating their 72 nd Anniversary.... Read more >

Gallery: peru

PERU | Thursday, 25 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

1st two weeks
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USA | Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008 | Views [388]

Warning: This isn't a log of what I have been doing, but more of what I have been thinking about lately. Just a warning If a teacher had to postpone a test for tomorrow, the teacher would know that he/she would only have to tell one student, and that ... Read more >

futbal jugador

USA | Monday, 22 Sep 2008 | Views [488]

It´s domingo and it´s 4¨45 pm. brinja´s a bit tired from taking care of all the kids today at the crisis center santo tomas while she was watching some of our girls play futbal against other some other girls from the next village. They had a referee ... Read more >

movie in the jungle

USA | Saturday, 20 Sep 2008 | Views [407]

today we cleaned the office up a bit and then went to the market to buy some groceries because brinja and i were preparing supper for tonight. it was our firs ttime in town together alone, and we were kind of lost searching for markets here and there ... Read more >

sarita´s birthday

USA | Friday, 19 Sep 2008 | Views [436]

today was sarita´s birthday, one of the smallest girls at the crisis center, she´s also one of the cutest ones there. we had a little birtrhday party for her, sang some songs, danced to some music, and ate cake, chips and cookies. we´re more situated ... Read more >

The first three days of my adventure

USA | Sunday, 14 Sep 2008 | Views [708]

I have left Los Angeles in the early morning of September 11, 7 years after the big 9-11 incident to my mission trip in Peru. It is now three days past that time, and I am currently in an internet cafe, my first access to the outside world in three days.... Read more >

Gallery: Europe/Spain

USA | Thursday, 4 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

My travels
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