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Day 34 Santiago de Compostela - We've Arrived!

SPAIN | Tuesday, 3 Jul 2018 | Views [404] | Comments [2]

So excited as we leave Amenal this morning on the last leg of our 500-mile hike from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostela along the Camino Frances, the Way of St. James. For a couple pilgrims who have hiked 33 days, we have an amazing ... Read more >

Day 33 Arzua to Amenal

SPAIN | Monday, 2 Jul 2018 | Views [629]

It's cloudy and rainy as we leave Arzua, self-proclaimed land of cheese, honey and philosophy. They had us at cheese! As you saw from yesterday's photos, this is dairy land and the town hosts a cheese festival each March at which over 100,000 cheeses ... Read more >

Day 32 Palas de Rei to Arzua

SPAIN | Monday, 2 Jul 2018 | Views [337]

We leave Palas de Rei early in the rain as our destination of Arzua is about 19 miles. This statue on the edge ot town conventiently points pilgrims to the Camino path.   Tried to hijack this Bread Truck, but someone in our party put ... Read more >

Day 30 Sarria to Portomarin and Day 31 Portomarin to Palas de Rei

SPAIN | Monday, 2 Jul 2018 | Views [520]

 After an extra day to rest in Sarria we're off this morining for Portomarin, about 15 miles. Right off there's this great staircase to climb through town.  These colorful signs are at the top of the stairs in Sarria before we pass ... Read more >

Day 29 Triacastela to Sarria - Lost for the first time!

SPAIN | Sunday, 1 Jul 2018 | Views [389]

Okay, we knew it would happen, we got lost today and walked about 4+ additional miles to get back on track! In our defense, we were walking up a hill in very dense fog when we missed the marker signalling pilgrmis to take a sharp left to Samos. We started ... Read more >

Day 28 O Cebriero to Triacastela

SPAIN | Saturday, 30 Jun 2018 | Views [423]

We "leave" O Cebreiro in the dark, but look an open cafe! It's still a bit dark, so for safety's sake it's best we stop for coffee and toast. Safety first!   Jeff ran out screaming when he saw the local boar's head. I caught up with him at ... Read more >

Day 27 Villafranca to O Cebreiro - Monster Hill!

SPAIN | Saturday, 30 Jun 2018 | Views [427]

We leave Villafranca early today as we have a monster hill to climb and the temperatures are still a bit hot--high 80s. You can see from the sign below we have only 187 km to Santiago de Compolstela. We are ready--our very nice hotel packed us a "picnic" ... Read more >

Day 26 Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo

SPAIN | Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 | Views [301]

After a great rest in Ponferrada we are off to Villafranca today. In 2016 we walked from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela on our first pilgrimage, so we are excited to see what looks familiar.  Cool pilgrimage sign as we leave Ponferrada ... Read more >

Day 25 Rabanal to Ponferrada

SPAIN | Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018 | Views [457]

We leave Rabanal at first light as we will climb the Irago Mountains about 465 m. (1,525 ft.) and then drop steeply 925 m. (3,035 ft.). To refresh pilgrims on this difficult leg of the journey there are several fountains with very cold water--some potable, ... Read more >

Day 23 Astorga & Day 24 Rabanal del Camino

SPAIN | Friday, 22 Jun 2018 | Views [518] | Comments [1]

We left for Astorga this morning across this amazing bridge in Hospital de Orbigo. This city is famous for a jousting festival of 300 knights in th Holy Year of1434 (Dintaman & Landes, 2017). The days are more sunny now and in the mid 70s. Nice! ... Read more >

Day 20 Mansilla de las Mulas, Day 21 Leon, Day 22 Villavante

SPAIN | Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018 | Views [413]

 We leave El Burgo Ranero again on a maple tree-lined path. Thousands of this maples have been planted on the trail to provide shade for pilgrims. These stone monuments are beautiful and simple reminders of why people have walked this trail for ... Read more >

Days 17, 18 and 19 - Calzadilla de la Cueza, Sahagun, and El Burgo Ranero

SPAIN | Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 | Views [470]

Leaving the huge monastery converted into Hotel Real Monasterio del Zoilo in Carrion de Los Condes. Not a seamless transition from monastery to hotel, but really interesting, nonetheless. Construction on the monastery began in 1047.  These ... Read more >

Days 15 & 16: Castrojeriz to Fromista and Fromista to Carrion de los Condes

SPAIN | Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 | Views [664]

We leave Castrojeriz along a street bordered by lovely roses.  We walk along a marshy area before crossing the Rio Odrilla. According to our guidebook (Dintaman & Landes, 2017) thousands of tons of stone were dumped into this ... Read more >

Day 14 Hornillos to Castrojeritz

SPAIN | Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018 | Views [458]

Manuel made us a great breakfast and then drove us back to town to resume our hike here in Hornillos. There's a legend that pilgrims who soak their feet in the San Bol fountain just outside of Hornillos will be cured of all foot pain. It was filled with ... Read more >

Day 13 Burgos to Hornillos del Camino

SPAIN | Monday, 11 Jun 2018 | Views [436]

After a terrific breakfast of literally everything, we roll ourselves out to the Camino trail on a cool morning in Burgos. Our focus still on food, Jeff finds his soulmate below. After posing with Mr. Gelato, he had to pull me away from this window display ... Read more >

Burgos Cathedral

SPAIN | Saturday, 9 Jun 2018 | Views [440]

We toured the cathedral at Burgos today. Wow.   \  

Day 12 Atapuerca to Burgos

SPAIN | Friday, 8 Jun 2018 | Views [351]

Our hotel from Atapuerca was several miles out of town and required a taxi ride. ...Have you heard the one about the two pilgrims who went into a bar? One pilgrim attempted to phone a taxi and got a recording, in Spanish, of course. After trying the ... Read more >

Days 10 and 11 Santo Domingo to Belorado and Belorado to Atapuerca

SPAIN | Thursday, 7 Jun 2018 | Views [610]

We left the beautiful Parador Hotel in Santo Domingo as we headed for Belorado today. Lots of small towns and wheat fields today.  Saw the funniest sign, but didn’t take a pic as it was covered with graffiti. It said: Yay God, Boo Devil. Made ... Read more >

Day 9 Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

SPAIN | Tuesday, 5 Jun 2018 | Views [421]

Brisk when we started this morning, but we warmed up after the first hill! We are walking through lots of vineyards again today as we start out. Some workers below are out trimming the grapes. They’re not using any tools, just breaking of the part ... Read more >

Day 8 Logrono to Najera

SPAIN | Monday, 4 Jun 2018 | Views [494] | Comments [1]

We left Logrono early as we have around 18 miles to go today and of course most of it is uphill! How does that work...seems like the days are mostly uphill. At some point we surely will start down. Seriously, every day is up and down hills--as you would ... Read more >

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