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Trip: Koalas and Kiwis

There are [26] stories from my trip: Koalas and Kiwis

There and back again

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 1 Jun 2009 | Views [715] | Comments [1]

Wow, so STILL reading this blog, eh?  ;)  Greetings from home!  Late at night on Sunday over here.  It was a long journey to get back home - 32+ hours of straight traveling. My last night in Dunedin, I talked to the bartender/receptionist at my hostel ... Read more >

Holy Crap (Part 2)

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 29 May 2009 | Views [556]

I need to finish packing! Last night in Dunedin (and New Zealand)!  It's around 8:20 (3:20 a.m. Houston) on Friday and I'm in G.G.'s internet lounge again, and yep, there's more MMORPG action going on, although there was a side discussion on Susan ... Read more >

Bungy Team America

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 28 May 2009 | Views [1035] | Video

I am sitting in an internet cafe in Dunedin right now around 10 p.m. on Thursday (5 a.m. Houston).  I love these places in New Zealand.  There is a group of students in the aisle next to me all playing an MMORPG.  Sample dialog: "Use stun.  Stun!  ... Read more >

A nice dose of UV rays

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 27 May 2009 | Views [704] | Comments [1]

Evening from Queenstown!  Today was an exhausting day.  It's 9:41 p.m. here on a Wednesday night.  I woke up at 7 a.m. and could make out the silhouette of the Southern Alps from my awesome hotel room, so I took that as a good sign.  Another day of good ... Read more >

That's what I'm talking about!

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 26 May 2009 | Views [578]

Hello from lovely Mt Cook Village.  It's around 6 p.m. (1 a.m. Houston) and it's so pitch black outside here.  I got on the bus from Christchurch to Mt Cook this morning, and it took about 4 hours to get here.  I had been to Mt Cook before, and the weather ... Read more >

360 degrees of clouds

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 25 May 2009 | Views [969]

Writing from some internet lounge in Christchurch around 8:30 p.m.  I set the alarm in my hotel room, and this morning as it turned on, since there are no windows in the room, the light above the bed turned on and gradually went brighter and brighter, ... Read more >

SO Christchurch

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 24 May 2009 | Views [420]

Argghhh.  I had written this story all out and then it disappeared.  So here we go again! I'm writing from my ultra-hip hotel in Christchurch.  It's around 8 p.m. on Sunday.  I love this hotel; it's like Apple designed it - but without being overly ... Read more >

Abel Tasman, furry gray sausages, and sandflies - oh my

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 23 May 2009 | Views [1904]

Kia ora from Nelson!  Just wrapping up my last day here ~ 9 p.m. on Saturday.  I spent my day relaxing on the beach - and by relaxing I mean 3 hours sea-kayaking followed by 3 hours of tramping in Abel Tasman National Park.  The bus picked me up from ... Read more >

A little Southern hospitality

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Views [502]

Greetings from sunny Nelson!  It's around 8 p.m. over here on Friday (3 a.m. Houston).  Last night in my closet room in Wellington, 2 of the girls came to bed around 4:30, and would not stop talking and giggling.  One of the girls talked about this boy ... Read more >

It's always snowing in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 21 May 2009 | Views [859] | Comments [1]

Checking in from Wellington on Thursday night 8 p.m. (3 a.m. Houston).  Today was gloriously sunny - it seems like I should have rearranged my plans a day behind to take advantage of the weather, but oh well.  I spent over 6 hours on the bus today from ... Read more >

No worries!

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 20 May 2009 | Views [936] | Comments [3]

Last night (actually only 6 p.m. over here on Wednesday ~ 1 a.m. Houston) in Taupo but it's pitch black outside already.  Tomorrow I am heading on the bus to Wellington - NZ's capital - and staying at Nomad's Capital.  I'll only be there a night, and ... Read more >

Ain't no sunshine

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 19 May 2009 | Views [576]

Greetings from Taupo!  I'm writing a bit earlier today (5 p.m. here Tuesday ~ midnight over there?) because it is rainy and unfortunately Casper was right - this place is pretty boring if the weather is bad.  It was a mostly sunny day when I woke up ... Read more >

Gallery: NZ Misc

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 18 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

Whatever I manage to upload
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Somewhere there's a gum boot floating around New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 18 May 2009 | Views [1162] | Comments [4]

Last night in Auckland around 11 p.m. (6 a.m. Houston) on a Monday. I was hoping to get up on the SkyTower tonight to get some good pics of the city at night, but it's been quite rainy all day and visibility would not be good. But unpredictable weather ... Read more >

That's how I roll

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 17 May 2009 | Views [486] | Comments [1]

End of my first full day in Auckland - around 10 p.m. Sunday night (5 a.m. Houston). Today was a more relaxed day, walking around central Auckland and hanging out with Bo Bo from NZ study abroad circa 2004 for a few hours. (Thanks for the coffee!) ... Read more >

One down, two to go

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 16 May 2009 | Views [510] | Comments [1]

Kia ora! I made it back to New Zealand today. Now I am in Auckland and it's 10 p.m. on Saturday night (5 a.m. Houston time). I have 2 weeks of vacation left. Today was mostly hanging out at the airport or on the plane. Six separate flights in ... Read more >

Great Barrier or Bust

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 15 May 2009 | Views [688]

It's almost 8 p.m. here on Friday night (5 a.m. Thursday in Texas).  I woke up this morning to rain, which did not bode well for my snorkeling trip.  Got on the huge boat, which started out smooth but then eventually hit rain and really choppy waters ... Read more >

Mission Accomplished

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 14 May 2009 | Views [451] | Comments [1]

Arrived in Cairns (or "Cayyyynes" as Aussies would say it) this afternoon.  I almost felt like I was flying home when I was on the plane from Sydney.  This vacation is actually pretty exhausting (not in the mocking "whoa sitting on the ... Read more >

Here's a freaking picture for you

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 13 May 2009 | Views [1030] | Comments [4]

10 p.m. in Sydney.  I managed both the Harbour Bridge Climb and a visit to Bondi Beach.  I finally figured out the rail system here... on my last day.  So I actually bought the pictures from my bridge climb and put it on CD, but guess what - this computer ... Read more >

Last day in Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 12 May 2009 | Views [437]

8:30 a.m. here on Wednesday morning.  This is my last full day in Sydney.  Today I'm going to try to hit Bondi Beach and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge ( www.bridgeclimb.com ).  Tomorrow morning I'm flying out to Cairns and checking into the YHA there ... Read more >

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