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Homeward Bound!

USA | Saturday, 22 Jan 2011 | Views [268] | Comments [2]

We just arrived in Taipei airport! The LAX group board their plane in 30 minutes. Steve and I have an hour to wait. I'll probably walk around most of that hour. We have a 13 hour flight ahead of us. I don't know exactly why the the flight to SFO is shorter ... Read more >

Back from Battambang

USA | Friday, 21 Jan 2011 | Views [303] | Comments [1]

Hi All, It has been a while since I posted. I and my teammates returned from 4 1/2 ministry up in Battambang. This town is 4 hours northwest of Phnom Penh. From there we traveled in several directions to do ministry with our health promoters. Yesterday ... Read more >

H&H Seminar is done

USA | Sunday, 16 Jan 2011 | Views [371] | Comments [3]

Hi All, Sorry my last post was incomplete. I saved part and went back and finished it but the internet went down before it saved. Thanks for your comments. It is so good to hear from home. Yes, Linda, Travis is keeping my parents informed. The seminar ... Read more >

Game Day!

USA | Thursday, 13 Jan 2011 | Views [526] | Comments [3]

Today was the day! The H&H seminar began. We got off to a good start. We have 25 students this year. It was so good to see familiar faces and renew friendships. It was like a year had not passed. There are also new people just starting the program ... Read more >

Hello from Phnom Penh

USA | Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011 | Views [225]

We all made it in safely yesterday. We got settled at the mission house with Steve & Carolyn. After lunch and some rest, Scott and Andrea Sward took us down to the riverfront for some sightseeing and culture acclimation. We all managed to stay up ... Read more >

Leaving Tawain

USA | Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011 | Views [141]

Steve and I made it to Tawain. We've met up with the rest of our team. It is 8:30am Tuesday. We are getting ready to board our flight to Phnom Pehn. So far the trip is uneventful. Tell my mom I did not have a window seat after all. Check in again after ... Read more >

Off Again!

USA | Sunday, 9 Jan 2011 | Views [303]

Packing is almost complete, final details are coming together. Tomorrow evening it is off to SFO to begin another adventure in Cambodia. This will be my 4th trip working on the Health & Hygiene medical mission. Once again we will use education to ... Read more >

Official End of Ministry

USA | Friday, 15 Jan 2010 | Views [439] | Comments [1]

Hi All, Today was our last official day of ministry here. We traveled out to a small village, Churteal, with the health promoters. Sinath has a lot of family living here. She had been evangelizing to them for serveral years. After the health seminar ... Read more >

Two days into the week

USA | Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010 | Views [512] | Comments [3]

Hi All, We are 2 days into our final week. Sunday worship service was fun. It was good to see familiar faces. Pastor Sokah spoke (phew! the team was off the hook this year). We were asked to come up front and introduce ourselves. After which, we say ... Read more >

Photos: Cambodia 2010

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 12 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

Scenes from my trip to Cambodia
See all 18 photos >>

Wow!! Amazing 2 Days

USA | Sunday, 10 Jan 2010 | Views [282] | Comments [2]

Hi All, I don't have much time to write. It happened again. I had a great update just about finished and it was wiped out. There is a line behind me to use the computer, so I'll make this rewrite short. The Health & Hygiene seminar was fantastic.... Read more >

Seminar begins today

USA | Thursday, 7 Jan 2010 | Views [278] | Comments [1]

Hi To All of you (again!) I say again because I had just about finished a long update and everything was lost. Not coincidently I was asking for prayer for protection from Satan and his snares when the screen shut down. Get behind me Satan! Peter Camarata ... Read more >

Arrived Safely

USA | Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010 | Views [296] | Comments [3]

Hi All, We made it into Phnom Penh yesterday (1/5/10 Tues.) at 11:45am. I have to remind myself today is Wed. It is so odd to lose a day somewhere in that airplane! Don't have a lot of time. Woke up at 3:00am this morning  and one other time after that, ... Read more >

Here I Go Again! Cambodia 2010

USA | Sunday, 3 Jan 2010 | Views [287] | Comments [1]

Hi Everyone! Well once again I am preparing to head off to Cambodia. I hope you will join me along my travels. I will be posting updates here as time permits. I am completing my packing and preparations to leave tomorrow. I have to be at SFO at 8 or ... Read more >

Praise Report

USA | Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | Views [337] | Comments [2]

Good Monday morning to all of you. However I know in the States as I write this it is Sunday afternoon and most of you are watching the Super Bowl! Craig has tried to find it on tv here but no luck. I wanted to check in before we left and give you ... Read more >

Saturday (Jan. 31) evening

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009 | Views [402]

Hello once again from Phnom Penh! We made it up and back from Battambang. We rented a 20 passenger bus for the trip. What takes 4 hours by car took us 6 hours by bus. Long trip. And to top it off the bus had a flat tire on the way up, so it took us ... Read more >

Tuesday evening

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009 | Views [372]

Hi once again! It has been a world wind 2 days. We held the medical clinics at the Phnom Penh Friends Church yesterday and today. We (the doctors and nurses) saw about 137 patients yesterday. There were probably close to the same today. Everything ... Read more >

Sunday Morning

USA | Sunday, 25 Jan 2009 | Views [328] | Comments [1]

Good Morning to you all, Yesterday was another full day. We finished the health & hygiene seminar in the morning. The Cambodian students went out into the neighborhood surrounding the church. There purpose was to meet people and assess the needs for ... Read more >

Finally a message!

CAMBODIA | Friday, 23 Jan 2009 | Views [423]

Hi Everyone! It is Friday here and finally a message! Yes we made it here alright. I just have not had access to internet. Steve and Carolyn Harvey arrived back in Cambodia 1 hour before we did. After 2 months in the States it took a couple of ... Read more >

We made it to Taiwan!

TAIWAN | Tuesday, 20 Jan 2009 | Views [344] | Comments [1]

The trip has been long so far but uneventful until Taipei airport. Steve's carry-on has been through 3 screenings and not until here did anyone question the small suture scissors in his medical kit. Needless to say after discussion with the airport and ... Read more >

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