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the trip


USA | Saturday, 6 June 2009 | Views [596]

Im sorry for no pictures, i lost all my pictures from san fran onward because of crappy computers, i hate computers! I will use Pat and james' photos when they upload them.

This was the place i most wanted to go, as it turns out its ranked bottom of the list of the place i've seen on this trip.

I cant make to much of a judgement because i wasnt there long enough, and its so massive, the whole place is built for cars, so walking places is not advised, both for distance and the fact that its rough as houses.

Pat went and saw a band on the first night and me and james drove around and took a wrong turn somewhere and locked our doors and got out quick.

Found a cool bar and went to an awesome club, felt proper shoreditch actually. oh well

We stayed in another motel and debated where to go next, mexico or head down to san diego, and decided we would make our way down after.

Saw venice beach, 'people are strange when you're a stranger', very strange people indeed. i really liked it, it was kinda camden by the sea, pretty cool, i think this place has some cool things happening, but we just didnt know where to start with such a short time, shame.

Last day there we woke to find our tyres had been slashed, how nice, that made our minds up to dump phill and make our way to mexico, we took phill to a wreckers and sold him for 250 bucks (sorry, too much time with aussies) Pat was dead happy, the ride to a hostel for the evening took all day, and being the skin flints that we are took public transport through all the wrong places, saw compton, haha, i shit my pants.

I met some people, stayed up way too late for a big trip the next day.



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