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Crossing into America

USA | Wednesday, 13 May 2009 | Views [821] | Comments [1]

I dont know where to begin with this but i'll start with the morning of the day we left Vancouver.

I was up early and eating my breakfast when i heard a familliar aussie voice say my name, i cant express how please to see James and Pat i was. I got my things together fast and we were making a move to cross the boarder soon as possible.

The trip in was nice and fast and as we aproaced the boarder control we were stopped and asked questions by this guy, i had to go in to an office to collect my visa and we were asked a bunch of questions by these guys. one of which was where we were gonna stay to which pat gave a hostel name off the top of his head which they seemed to buy. It was really nerve racking. Then the shit thing happened, we got turned away, our hearts sank, turns out that they dont like people taking Canadian cars in to America with out the intention of bringing them back, when they asked us what we were gonna do with the car they didnt like the answer that we would dump the thing someplace in california, we are idiots.

So... we drove back to Vancouver, Pat looked like he wanted to kill himself, he's been there for a year and half and wanted to get out soon as possible, and the car trip seemed over before it began. We sat and tried to devise a plan, could we cross at a different boarder? could be book a corier to bring it back? could we say Pat was driving it back?

We decided to split up, me and James would take a grey hound to Seattle to look like we ditched Pat when we couldn't get in with him, Pat would buy a new ticket out of Vancouver for a months time as to look like he had to drive back, and would tell them that we ditched him and he was going to Seattle for a week for fun with friends.

We went to the main station and kicked a football about for an hour while we waited for the bus and i must say we were all shitting it, i was worried because they ask if you ever got denighed entry to the US on crossing and i decided to say no assuming that i wasn't really, or was i? we also looked up that hostel and found an address to give them.

The moment came, me and James hoped on the bus and said bye to Pat wondering if we would see him again, or what would happen, the bus drove for about 45 minutes and then we got off, the bus ladie asked us to help her with heavy bags and we did (this was useful as you'll find out).

I was the last one to be questioned and i answered no to ever being turned away before, then something popped up on screen, they asked me 'have you ever been denighed entry before?', i said no sticking to my story but a wave of panic came over me, it took age's, he got a guy over to check it out and i had to be finger printed, i was sweating so much i had to keep doing it and they asked why i was nervous, man i was really worried. But as i went, i got in and all was good.

Back on the bus we were quiet, wondering how pat was getting on and wondered if our dream trip was over, then... about 20 minutes in we hear a car horn tooting away, we look out the window and there is Pat, flashing and waving his arms and me and James were cheering and going mental, it was the most awesome feeling ever, i cant describe it.

We eventually turn into this car park with pat tailing us, its dark and we have no idea where we are. We get up ready to leave when the bus ladie goes running out to pat and screaming and swearing like crazy, we saw pat get out and hold his head in his hands, we are thinking 'what the hell now?'. She came back and let us off the bus and told us that he was harrasing the bus and she called the cops and that he is going to jail.

Now, i dont know what most people would do in this situation, but i tried to remain calm and me and james tried to explain he was excited about our trip, and she just kept on that he was a 'fucking idiot', and that bus's have been driven off the road and even highjacked in a simialar fashion. We are all just so scared by this point and then we saw boarder control siting right next to us.

Amazingly, assuming she took pity to the fact that we helped her out with those bags, she called the cops and called off the report and said sorry for over reacting and then left. It took Pat a while to calm his nerves and then we set off.

Every cop car we saw we shit it, but we got to seattle and looked for that hostel, and as it turned out it wasn't there any more, haha, but found one checked in and drank some beers.



This could only happen to you

  Mum May 14, 2009 3:11 AM

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