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Wee Sydney Update..

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 3 February 2011 | Views [271] | Comments [1]


I don't have all that much to update on so this is really just a "Hello i'm still alive" to people who aren't on Facebook!

The last few weeks in Sydney have completely flown in and i can't believe it's February already :) although i don't like to wish time away as i could be in worse places (i.e. back home) i am completely itching til May to go and discover new places as this is the longest i'll have stayed anywhere in my whole trip.

However for the moment, i am just making the most of Sydney, working away a few shifts a week (by no means working hard!) and trying my best not to spend money so i have plenty to be comfortable in my last 2 months of the trip. At the moment i'm actually looking for a second job as i'm only working 25 hrs maximum in the bar and it's just not enough as the cost of living here is so high so it's hard to put money aside. On the positive side there are lots of fun free things to do it Sydney (it seems i'm spending most of my money on food really cos i can count on one hand the amount of times i've been out drinking!)..

Check out my new photo album of Darling Harbour where i went to watch fireworks on Australia Day (26th Jan) and also went to the Maritime Museum there last weekend. They had 2 really interesting exhibitions, one on sharks and one on British Child migrants. I didn't know anything about this but apparently thousands of children over about 50 years were sent over here for a better life, however many of them ended up treated worse than they were at home and were abused etc. Quite a sad story as many of them were orphans but alot were actually sent by their parents who couldn't look after them properly due to lack of money and a poor quality of life.

So apart from just floating around, i've been going to the beach about once a week (it only takes an hour to get there so i don't really go that regularly, it's an effort) but it's been super hot the last 2 weeks (averaging 33 degrees and only goes down to 25-26 at night)! Don't worry i've been plastering on the factor 30 suncream before i even leave the house so i don't get any darker..or damage my skin!

I also just booked accommodation for my mum & dad who are arriving at the beginning of May so that will be 2 weeks of fun and i can't wait to see them again :)

Anyways..thats me for now and i'll give an update in another couple of weeks if i have anything new to talk about hehe..





The bird is a sacred ibis (I think) we saw lots of them in SA. Just in case you were interested.....X.

  Auntie Claire Feb 10, 2011 6:39 AM

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