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Tanzania Nakuru, Kenya March 08 Changed to Moshi, Tanzania

Trip: Tanzania

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After Thoughts

USA | Wednesday, 16 Apr 2008 | Views [855]

Well it has taken about a week, but I finally adjusted back into the day to day activities I once thought nothing about. I have been lucky enough to visit my family/friends, wakeboard in the delta and catch a few Warriors/A's games. Coming home ... Read more >

Added pictures to the Tanzania gallery

USA | Tuesday, 15 Apr 2008 | Views [484]


Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam

TANZANIA | Tuesday, 1 Apr 2008 | Views [1461]

Sorry for the update delay but internet was basically nonexistent in Kendwa, Zanzibar and the internet connection here is causing me to freak out and break things. It takes me about 5 minutes to load web pages here. Anyway, If you have never heard ... Read more >

Updated Tanzania photo gallery

TANZANIA | Friday, 21 Mar 2008 | Views [443]

New stuff

Completion of Moshi volunteer work

TANZANIA | Friday, 21 Mar 2008 | Views [1447] | Comments [1]

I just finished my three weeks of community development volunteer work in Moshi, Tanzania and I will say that it has been an amazing ride. I still am heading off to Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam to help aid another project, but I will always consider Moshi ... Read more >

Safari Pictures

TANZANIA | Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008 | Views [828]

One of the radest/awesomest/coolest whatever you want to call it safari ever. When all hope was gone of seeing lions (basically the only animal I really cared to see), 2 packs of lions totaling 12 circled our safari cars on our way to exit Ngorogoro ... Read more >

March 11 Update

TANZANIA | Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008 | Views [1007]

This week so far has been one of the most special weeks of my life. I found 2 students on Monday who I will be sponsoring and sending to school and feeding for the year. It is only around $25 USD a year to send a child to school here, and possibly ... Read more >

Tags: philosophy of travel

Week 1

TANZANIA | Thursday, 6 Mar 2008 | Views [1249]

It is pretty special to be submersed into this culture and experience the interaction between people here. Although extreme poverty is prevalent, most people are very happy. Everyone is outside and there are literally thousands of kids running around ... Read more >

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USA | Wednesday, 5 Mar 2008 | Views [1155]

Here are some pictures. It is really hard to upload pictures because the internet is based on speeds we used in the 90's. I will upload more, or atleast try in a couple days. I also have a lot to write about, update probably tomorrow or Friday! Sunset ... Read more >

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1st Day

TANZANIA | Monday, 3 Mar 2008 | Views [726]

I don't have too much time to write today, but I wanted to share a little so far with everyone! Excuse the typos as well, I have to write as fast as I can to get back to our house by 2! First off, words cannot express how sureal it is over here! ... Read more >

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Kenya volunteer work deemed unsafe

USA | Thursday, 31 Jan 2008 | Views [668]

So the last couple of days have been completely stressful but I have finally made some significant progress. I-to-I has deemed March volunteer work to be too unsafe. Nakuru, where my volunteer work was going to be based experienced some serious pillaging ... Read more >

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USA | Thursday, 31 Jan 2008 | Views [1127]

Moshi is North East Tanzania right under the Kenyan border.

Tags: The Planning Phase