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Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam

TANZANIA | Tuesday, 1 April 2008 | Views [1461]

Sorry for the update delay but internet was basically nonexistent in Kendwa, Zanzibar and the internet connection here is causing me to freak out and break things. It takes me about 5 minutes to load web pages here. Anyway, If you have never heard of Zanzibar, it is a small island off the coast of Northern Tanzania in the Indian Ocean that competes for the most amazing white/powdery beaches in the World... ohh that and the most amazing turquoise water in different shades all along the coast. I will upload pictures as soon as I get home on Tuesday, but currently I am at the volunteer house in Bahari Beach, Dar es Salaam and I have already mentioned the internet situation.

So I arrived in Zanzibar last Saturday from a Ferry that I took from the city center in Dar. The ferry was cheap for me considering I am a temporary citizen of Tanzania with a class C permit. It takes about 2 hours to arrive in Stone Town, a condensed city with high alley ways. Stone Town has a unique feel, it was a Country with high traffic for slave trade and became part of Tanzania in the late 1900s... just google it!

Myself and 2 other volunteers were able to go for the week since our three schools had Easter Break. We first went to Kendwa and Nungwi Beach, which are at the Northern tip of Zanzibar. We stayed in cheap huts right on the ocean. It was basically paradise and I cannot explain more until I upload pictures next week. I took a boat ride to Mwembe island and went snorkeling and fishing once day, the water is so clear that it is basically like looking into a giant salt water tank.

After Kendwa I took a 45 min Daladala back to Stone Town. I decided I wanted to go to Prison Island to see the endangered giant Tortoises. Prison Island is one of the few, if not the only places in the world to see these ancient giant tortoises in the wild. I got to feed and touch them, which to be honest was a bit freaky because they look like aliens and they were bigger than me. I will put up pics as well.

There is much more to Zanzibar, but in the time frame I have, I just cannot get to a 10th of it. If you never make it to Zanzibar, you will truly miss out on what beaches are supposed to look like. Note the Italians already know this secret and are buying up loads of beach frontage!

I also stayed a couple nights in the City Center of Dar es Salaam before I ventured out to the volunteer house. I wanted to just explore, and being alone allowed that since I was free to go anywhere I chose. The city center area in Dar is surprissingly developed. It reminded me of a bit like Mexico.

This week I am staying at the Dar es Salaam Bahari Beach volunteer compound. It houses about 40 volunteers divided into two houses. I arrived last Sunday, which was a great day to arrive because it was the day for a local soccer match and a going away party for the Denmark volunteers. I was allowed to play in the soccer match, and dominated the locals like usual :).

The party at night was quite interesting. A local African band came and started drumming away, dancing and doing all the crazy stuff they do. It is amazing to watch. After a few too many Konyagi drinks (local African Vodka) I got up there to dance as well and most likely embarrassed myself and my American Caucasian heritage... apologies. Many locals were there and I managed to somewhat get passed the language barrier and communicate with them.

This week should be interesting. I am not on a set project for the week considering I would only be working on it for 5 days so I am just aiding other volunteers daily at their nursery's, adult English Classes and HIV awareness projects around town. Later this evening I am going to help another volunteer teach some English to adults, should be an interesting change from the "out of control" 3-5 year olds I grew to love in Moshi.

I will let everyone know how the week goes when I get home next week. This will be my last update in Tanzania, no tears Chris!

Like always hope everyone is well and can't wait to see you all soon,


PS someone get the Warriors to start winning here, if they don't make the playoffs this year with already 45 wins its just ridiculous! Also I managed to set up a March Madness bracket in Moshi and just got destroyed, must have been a crazy tourney and I am bummed I was unable to even see one game. Cheers


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