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ONE FLU OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST Just another Corona jab.


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Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020 | Views [162] | Comments [3]

I feel like an Airfix model that somebody started in 1972, forgot about, and rediscovered in the attic when they had to sell the house they’d inherited because they’d decided to downsize and move to Mudgee. All the parts are actually there ... Read more >

Tags: blog, corona, covid, joural, lockdown, sydney


Wednesday, 6 Jul 2016 | Views [537] | Comments [1]

I've been in Australia for four months now. Almost as long as South Korea. And in a similar unfolding of events, I'm beginning to feel like part of the local culture. Getting a feel for it. Not really Korean. Not really a born and bred resident. But ... Read more >


Friday, 2 Aug 2013 | Views [711] | Comments [7]

  I've read Ulysses . Or rather...  That bloody book. Ages it has. Haranguing and haranguing. Four times I tried. Four times! But done it is it is the. Done. One word after another just like in that Stephen King thing with killing things ... Read more >


Friday, 1 Mar 2013 | Views [257]

 I don't know where the fuck I am. I mean, yes, I'm in Australia. In Saratoga. Camped between the eucalypts and good fishing. In my mum's granny flat. All good. There's two geckos (small Australian lizards). One in and one out. And they make ... Read more >

Tie Me Voulez Vous Down Sport 22 - The Final Chapter

Friday, 18 Dec 2009 | Views [1123] | Comments [12]

    I DON’T WANNA STOP ACTING LIKE A TWENTY-TWO YEAR OLD!     This is my entire, back pocket philosophy after a year on the road with a certain musical that uses the songs of ABBA. I don’t wanna drink less because it’s bad for my kidneys. I don’t ... Read more >

Tie Me Voulez Vous Down Sport 10

Saturday, 14 Mar 2009 | Views [664] | Comments [4]

      “May you live in interesting times!” It’s a quote from a Terry Pratchett book, and it’s one of the worst curses you can hurl at another person. And some invisible agent, hiding among the shadows and moments of my life, has quietly hurled this sentence ... Read more >



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