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ONE FLU OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST Just another Corona jab.

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My Favourite Hat

My Favourite Hat


I am a windy gypsy who enjoys Man Movies with explosions and long films set in Indo-China. If something about rubber trees is in there, colour me happy. I make a great salad. I like dogs that are too big to pick up or pick a fight with. I've travelled a fair chunk of the world and come to understand that approximately 99.99% of humans are decent and just want to feed their family and get a reasonably close parking spot. The rest are c**ts.

I suffer from Chronic Age Dismorphia. When I was 15 I acted like a 50 year old. Now that I'm 50+ I just want to ride roller-coasters. Apparently the only cure is more travel and admitting to being able to name all the actors who have played Doctor Who. Oh and fish oil.

I hope to one day live in a very old farm house in the Australian outback with a handsome jackaroo as my live-in acupuncturist. This is actually utterly true.

I design wallpaper, T-shirts, large-scale photographic pieces and hats but then who doesn't these days?

My main income is from showing-off. If I could make money from meditating I would.

I once read a book called 'Perfect Brilliant Stillness'. It wasn't exactly Stephen King (you rock Steve) but I highly recommend it. It did not change my life. It did, however, change the way I wander through it.

I can be serious but danged if I'm going to do that here.

You are the ideal thumb in the perfect thimble and fab as you are. Chin up. x