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Photos: Thailand

THAILAND | Thursday, 29 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

All photos taken by Colleen Finn
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Searching for Buddha...

THAILAND | Thursday, 29 Apr 2010 | Views [935]

I did run into Buddha several times today, and he wasn't wearing a red shirt. Instead, he was decadently adorned with gold leaf or carved from green jasper.  Buddha must've been a fancy guy. I began my leisurely search for Buddha by taking a boat ride ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, sightseeing

Sawatdika from Bangkok...

THAILAND | Tuesday, 27 Apr 2010 | Views [1504]

Here I am in Bangkok, after 20 hours of flying and continuous blessings from the travel gods (those fickle deities who at times wreak havoc with your travel life, and at other times see fit to bestow good fortune). This time I was blessed with a row ... Read more >

Tags: planes trains & automobiles, sightseeing

Saying farewell to Esalen...

USA | Saturday, 17 Oct 2009 | Views [1545]

There are lots of reasons people do yoga. Some people practice it purely for spiritual reasons, while others for the mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Not being a particularly spiritual person, I do it for the mental and physical aspects of the ... Read more >

Tags: relaxation

Gallery: Esalen

USA | Friday, 16 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

All photos taken by Colleen Finn
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Braving the storm...

USA | Thursday, 15 Oct 2009 | Views [954]

I mentioned an unseasonable October storm. It reminded me of the storms we get in Portland with powerful gale winds blowing rain in sideways—the kind of thing that renders umbrellas completely useless. During yoga classes yesterday, the wind was powerful ... Read more >

Tags: relaxation

On the notion of "clothing optional"...

USA | Wednesday, 14 Oct 2009 | Views [1781]

I think one of the jewels of Esalen is their magnificent mineral baths, which appear to be carved right into a cliff overlooking the rocky beach below. As you enter the modern stone baths, there are bathrooms, a large dressing area, showers with sliding ... Read more >

Tags: relaxation

Escaping to Esalen...

USA | Tuesday, 13 Oct 2009 | Views [2198]

I normally don't feel the need to journal during 'staycations' (for me, a "staycation" is any vacation within the continental U.S.), but the moment I arrived at the Esalen Institute for a week-long yoga workshop, my mind immediately went into ... Read more >

Tags: relaxation

Bidding India namaste...

INDIA | Monday, 20 Apr 2009 | Views [813]

Today is my last day in India. After three weeks, I feel I've seen and done enough to fill twice that amount of time, yet I find myself no closer to answering the perplexing and inevitable question, "What is India like?". I cannot presume to ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations

My last day at the center...

INDIA | Sunday, 19 Apr 2009 | Views [847]

After several days of volunteering in a cramped room in 100+ degree heat, we finally had a morning with a breeze, making the temperatures tolerable enough to take the boys to the park. As we walked through the busy Nizamuddin Railway Station, it pained ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, voluntourism

Hangin' with street kids....

INDIA | Friday, 17 Apr 2009 | Views [1223]

Life in Delhi has been going smoothly. I've already fallen into a routine: I go to the center in the morning and work with the boys on their English, then we do physical education in the afternoon. After I leave the center, I take a tuk tuk to some Delhi ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, voluntourism

On Agra and volunteering...

INDIA | Monday, 13 Apr 2009 | Views [1638]

After Jaipur, we headed to Agra. Agra, of course, is home to the spectacular Taj Mahal, which took an astounding 22,000 workers 12 years to build. It was built in 1631 by Shah Jahan (a Muslim ruler) as a memorial to his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, voluntourism

On Bundi, Jaipur, and common threads...

INDIA | Friday, 10 Apr 2009 | Views [1315]

We've left behind the city of Bundi and are preparing to leave Jaipur. Each city that I've been to has its own vibe. Bundi is a smaller city with a slightly sleepier feel and a picturesque palace (Bundi Palace) that looks as though it just emerged from ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations, sightseeing

Food, wonderful food...

INDIA | Thursday, 9 Apr 2009 | Views [4199]

Indian cuisine proves that there are hundreds of different uses for lentils, and most of them don't involve soup. I haven't tried all the options yet, but I am slowly making my way through them. I particularly like a well-made dal (a lentil puree), scooped ... Read more >

Tags: food & eating

Four locations in a nutshell...

INDIA | Tuesday, 7 Apr 2009 | Views [1068]

I've been so caught up in anecdotal topics that I've completely ignored my journal entries on the places and things I've seen. You can stop reading now if you're not into the logistics of cities and sights (I do this part as much to aid my own memory ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, sightseeing

Finding the divinity in everything...

INDIA | Sunday, 5 Apr 2009 | Views [1249]

Hindus truly find god in all things. Even their standard greeting, "Namaste," is a recognition of the inner divinity of both the greeter and the greeted. Today, I got to see how that recognition of divinity sometimes extends to the seemingly ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations, sightseeing

On cows, bazaars, and being hit by tuk tuks...

INDIA | Wednesday, 1 Apr 2009 | Views [10726]

At the Sardar Bazaar in Jodhpur, the street is a crazy, pulsating mass of auto rickshaws, scooters, bicycles, and cars, all beeping or ringing to make their way through the sea of people. In stark contrast to this frenzy of activity are the slow-moving ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, sightseeing

Gallery: India

INDIA | Wednesday, 1 Apr 2009 | Photo Gallery

All photos taken by Colleen Finn
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The journey from Delhi to Jodhpur...

INDIA | Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009 | Views [2365]

Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said Egypt was good preparation for India. It's still true in some aspects, but in the sleeper train department it couldn't be further from the truth. Taking a sleeper train in India—even the tourist/business-class sort—is ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, planes trains & automobiles, sightseeing

Beware practicers of English...

INDIA | Monday, 30 Mar 2009 | Views [1537]

After spending the morning in Old Delhi checking out an old 17th century Muslim mosque (Jami Masjid) and a Sikh temple, I spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering around central Delhi and discovering anew one of the hazards of a female traveling ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, sightseeing

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