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Bidding India namaste...

INDIA | Monday, 20 Apr 2009 | Views [829]

Today is my last day in India. After three weeks, I feel I've seen and done enough to fill twice that amount of time, yet I find myself no closer to answering the perplexing and inevitable question, "What is India like?". I cannot presume to ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations

On Bundi, Jaipur, and common threads...

INDIA | Friday, 10 Apr 2009 | Views [1349]

We've left behind the city of Bundi and are preparing to leave Jaipur. Each city that I've been to has its own vibe. Bundi is a smaller city with a slightly sleepier feel and a picturesque palace (Bundi Palace) that looks as though it just emerged from ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations, sightseeing

Finding the divinity in everything...

INDIA | Sunday, 5 Apr 2009 | Views [1265] | Comments [2]

Hindus truly find god in all things. Even their standard greeting, "Namaste," is a recognition of the inner divinity of both the greeter and the greeted. Today, I got to see how that recognition of divinity sometimes extends to the seemingly ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations, sightseeing

The end of an adventure...

JORDAN | Tuesday, 9 Dec 2008 | Views [707]

Today marks my last full day in Amman, as well the first day of Eid al Adha, a significant four-day Muslim holiday in which families (who can afford it) slaughter a sheep to honor not only Abraham's sacrifice, but also those who are participating in ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations

The exodus from Cairo to Jordan...

JORDAN | Wednesday, 3 Dec 2008 | Views [1219]

We headed to Jordan via the Sinai area again (which is unavoidable unless you are flying or go through Israel). It was good to revisit Mt. Sinai because it gave us an opportunity to see the inside of St. Catherine's Monastery, which was closed the day ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations, sightseeing


EGYPT | Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008 | Views [1111]

I've been to a lot of countries with hair-raising traffic, but Egypt might just take the cake. My guide book says that riding a bike here is tantamount to suicide, and now I understand. Aside from the double (and sometimes triple)-parked cars along the ... Read more >

Tags: cultural observations, planes trains & automobiles

Falling in love again...

GREECE | Saturday, 5 Aug 2006 | Views [1077]

I've fallen in love. Never in a million years did I think it would happen here in Greece, least of all with one who doesn't even speak the same language. His name is Sheldon—I know, not a Greek name, but as it happens, Sheldon's family came to Greece ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, Cultural Observations, voluntourism

Plan B? What's Plan B?!...

GREECE | Monday, 17 Jul 2006 | Views [924]

I'm still working on Plan B and find it difficult to accomplish in Crete. Alexandra, my Greek cabin mate on the boat to Crete, offered that the difference between Greeks and Americans is that Greeks are slower from the heat, while we Americans—most of ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cultural observations, sightseeing, voluntourism

Greek is greek to me...

GREECE | Wednesday, 12 Jul 2006 | Views [805]

Yesterday I saw an English-language book titled “Learn Greek in 25 Years.” I thought this was pretty funny, especially since I am having quite a bit of trouble with the language. Greek is an Indo-European language, quite possibly the oldest in Europe ... Read more >

Tags: cultural observations, language

You snooze, you lose...

GREECE | Monday, 10 Jul 2006 | Views [747]

Every culture has unspoken rules by which everyone abides. Take, for instance, the rule that tells you to move to the right on an escalator so people walking past can get by. Or, the rule that says you should allow passengers getting off a bus to get ... Read more >

Tags: Cultural Observations

The sweet (and not so sweet) smells of Morocco...

MOROCCO | Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006 | Views [11640]

Since Rabat is our last stop before we head back to European soil, I thought I should write one last time on Morocco. I could use this entry to pay homage to the beautiful monuments or palaces we've visited, or blather on a bit more about the marketplaces ... Read more >

Tags: cultural observations, sightseeing

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