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Mr Trees, The Brazilian and The Investment Banker

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 8 July 2008 | Views [547] | Comments [3]

Success!!  After practically no effort at all ive been given a job i never expected working in an investment bank in the city center.  Ofcourse id rather be working outdoors and enjoying myself but the money in this role is too good to pass up so for the next 2 months ill be wearing a suit to work and drinking too much coffee from Starbucks.  None other than Goldman Sachs have decided to take a chance on 'an enthusiastic go getter with endless potential'.  Apparently this will look excellent on my CV, do wonders for my bank balance and start on Monday.  Monday just passed, in fact.  I got a phone call on Sunday night telling me the job was being pushed back until Tuesday.  Then on Monday i got a call telling me it'd be Thursday.  Im waiting for a call now telling me that it'll actually start some time next week, but i remain hopeful.  In the mean time ive been having a blast working for various companies around the city.  On Friday i was a tree surgeon with a company named 'Mr Trees' after the owner, Mr Joe Trees.  No Jokes.  On Monday i was a removals man with a unibrowed Brazilian named Lucas for a company called 'Two Men and a Van'.  I was the second man.  I might be laying bricks for my landlord on Wednesday, but he doesnt have any bricks yet so that ones still in the planning stages. 


Today however, Tuesday, ive been taking care of the biggest problem i have - becoming a little soft(er) around the middle.  Im just in from the gym and am shaking from the gruelling 15 minutes of strenuous excercise i subjected myself to. I was there for a couple of hours though, its just that i couldnt bring myself to strain and struggle for more than about 5 minutes on the few machines i like, and just sort of pretend i was trying my hardest around the rest.  Money well spent if you ask me though - going to the gym, regardless of how little you do, makes you feel much better about the post workout McDonalds.


On Saturday we went to the Opera House to see a couple of Danes perform magic in their award winning show "Holy Cow".  They were very entertaining and the show was worth the money, but we were only in some little semi-opera house theatre stashed away in the back.  This means that to see the grand hall i fear we'll have to go back and actually see an Opera, but Jo is enthusiastic and assures me that several hundred dollars will be a small price to pay for such a memorable show.  Jo should work for the Sydney Opera House.  The area around the Opera house is a lot of fun though, with bars and restaurants all looking out over the water between the Bridge and the House where you can drink yourself merry before every show.  Like we did!


If i ever get to start my job, the next thing we'll be doing is whale watching.  Apparently there are loads of them splashing about just off the coast and they do tours from down at the harbour where they garuntee some whale interaction. 


Enough for now, ive got to go and try and sell our car - now that im working about 5 minutes away on foot we can finally sell the old dear and get our money back!!



sounds like an interesting office job, should it ever start..dont forget to pass on any interesting tips !!
Have fun..

  dad Jul 10, 2008 4:32 PM


be proud, an investment banker no less.
We are just back from France. Tom did the etape 103 miles on his bike in 9 hours along with 8 thousand other people and he doesnt like crowds!!

He also has purple hair, a mistake it should have washed out in 8 shampoos but it is 8 weeks!!! He had a dope test at the end too!

All our group ended the race safely, some got airlifted with broken legs arms etc.

Met Colin for lunch on Sunday, He is in good form.

Take care and love to Jo

  kate and co Jul 22, 2008 6:39 AM


Hi Chris
Sounds like you are having a great time!
Go to The Meat and Wine Co in Darling Harbour for dinner one night - juls and I went when we were there in August - it was superb!!
Lots of love - your v old cousin

  Vic and Juls Jul 24, 2008 6:35 AM

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