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Trip: USA

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Full Circle.

USA | Sunday, 21 Dec 2008 | Views [441]

  Having just spent an amazing fortnight in New York its hard to imagine going home. It is made a lot easier, mind you, by the fact that im in the departures lounge of Newark Airport about to fly to Stockholm in the middle of an American snowstorm. It ... Read more >

Post Vegas

USA | Sunday, 7 Dec 2008 | Views [489] | Comments [3]

Youll notice that, despite my promises of frequent updates and my 'staying on top of it' attitude, ive been rubbish. In keeping with that, and until i find time and a thesaurus with enough alternatives for the word "magnificent", im just going ... Read more >

Gallery: USA USA USA

USA | Sunday, 9 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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The Aloha State of Mind

UNITED STATES OUTLYING ISLANDS | Sunday, 9 Nov 2008 | Views [504]

Hawaii, within the first hour of being here, was one of my favourite destinations yet.  Still a tad raw from the visceral dissapointment of Fiji, i had lowered my expectations of this, another tropical paradise, to such lows that had i been gunned down ... Read more >